Dashlane – Secure Internet Application for Consumer

Dashlane is a consumer internet application designed to expedite online transactions and activities, enabling mobile and computer users to perform all their online activities with high levels of speed, and security. It aims to improve the experience of web users by automating all the actions related to signing up, signing in and checking out of sites. If you get this app, you’ll be able to use an express login feature that will remember all your passwords for you. The way this is handled, once you have saved a new site you must give Dashlane permission to have you logged in when you visit it in the future.

Dashlane will automatically authenticate who you are from that point onwards. And if you have more than one username, then you can pick which username you want Dashlane to log you in with.  It is simplifying the way you buy products on the Internet with its “Express Checkout” feature. This allows you to purchase items without having to enter personal details all over and over again.  And a security dashboard lets you monitor all your Internet accounts at a glance, and know where you are safe and where you are not.


  • [advt ]Express Login: Automatically log in to websites. No need to remember or type your passwords.
  • Secure Auto Registration: Register on any website in a few clicks, without even having to come up with a password.
  • Security Dashboard: See all your Internet accounts at once and know where you are safe and where you are not.
  • Express Check-Out: Buy products on the Internet in a few clicks on any website and keep track of all your purchases.
  • Click To Pay: Use your credit or debit card online without entering any information manually.
  • Smart Form-Filling: No more typing your personal information ever again. All of your personal information is one click away.

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