Cricket Dressing Room – Mobile Magazine for Cricket Entertainment

Affle launched ‘Cricket Dressing Room‘ mobile magazine which provides consumers access to behind the scenes news, dressing room action and off field entertainment stories about cricket on their mobile phones.

Content for ‘Dressing Room’ is exclusively being created by Affle’s editorial partners and would be available to mobile users over mobile internet (, mobile applications and Affle’s already popular mobile platforms.

The ‘Cricket Dressing Room’ is a first of its kind mobile magazine – a one-stop destination for all off-the-field action, trivia, gossip on cricketers & locker room chats. It offers news and stories relating to the entertainment side of cricket and cricketers by capturing the latest dressing room antics, player quotes & off-the-field incidents. This content is exclusively owned and provided by Affle on multiple mobile platforms.

Simple and catchy sections like ‘Hot Khabar’, ‘Andar Ki Baat’ and ‘Time Pass’ will provide all there is to know about the off-field action in cricket. These stories will be covered by three reporters – Foxy Lady, Rocky Bhai and Captain Sansani in their own unique style. Some of this exclusive and behind the scenes content is also be made available in Dressing Room sections on top sports portals and operator portals to reach out to the most number of cricket fans in India.

Affle has successfully built exciting and popular messaging products like SMS2.0, SMSLive & Pinch in the past and also executed many large scale mobile activations for top brands.

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