Create 3D Landscapes – Download Visual Terrain Maker

Visual-Terrain-Maker-logoVisual Terrain Maker is a 3D-Modeling program allows visually create landscapes (maps) for games or other purposes.The program can export to Direct X file format(*.x). Visual Terrain Maker is not critical to the video adapters and drivers. Suitable for Dark Basic developers.

Features of Visual Terrain Maker:

  • Reliable, fast and stable
  • Very compact (about 90Kb executable)No special software and hardware required (just OpenGL v1.1)
  • Can export to Direct X file format (*.X) (xof 0302txt 0064)
  • Easy, “WYSIWYG”-style visual landscape modeling [advt]
  • Landscape creation wizard every time you launch the program
  • Can save and load internal file format
  • Bitmap textures support(*.BMP)(only square like 256×256 pixels)
  • Viewer and real-time model deformation tools
  • Sine, Cone, Smoother, Sharp-making tool
  • All help info in the program window as comments

Visual Terrain Maker Screensho

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