nBinder – Bundle EXE, DLL and Resource Files Together into EXE

nBinder allows you to compress, encrypt and bundle EXE, DLL and other resource files together, turning them into a single EXE file and yet allow them to work like before. It can be used in other ways too, like converting an entire web page (along with pictures and other resources) into a single executable, or password protecting your executables or any other file.

Key Features of nBinder:

  • Can be used to bind (compress and protect) dll’s and other resource files that might be needed by executables, for a more compact and fast distribution. It doesn’t modify files in any way, it unpacks them to their initial state and then it launches them
  • Handles an unlimited number of files
  • Save and Load projects along with file options and commands for a faster work flow [advt]
  • Advanced compression algorithm offers a very good compression ration and at the same time a very fast decompression
  • Complex system, file, and registry Commands that can be added to projects to increase the functionality of your files
  • Can add and use URL files (addresses to files on the Internet that are downloaded when the output file is launched and are handled as normal files)
  • Extract icon for and version information for the output file from other applications (EXEs), DLL files, and ICO files
  • Password Protection for the output file to restrict access to the binded files. Strong password protection: the password is not stored in the output file, only a hash check is. You can add a password for RUN or/and Unpack
  • User friendly interface includes hints and help that explain features and also explains how to use them


  • Displays nag screens
  • The file it creates will self delete after run
  • Some security limitations

Download nBinder

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