Moonfruit – Web Tool that Build Website and Online Shop

Moonfruit is a free website and online shop builder that allows you to publish once, be everywhere, and have total design control of your pages, blog posts and products with no ads and no catches. It’s so easy, you can be up and running in 10 minutes.

The software allows users, with no previous web design experience, to design and build sites optimized for web and mobile. Users customize the style and layout of their site so that it reflects their personal brand without having to understand any coding, HTML or CSS providing total design control for everyone.

The software features unique drag and drop tools allows literal design by users. Website features, like forums, shopping basket or social media integration, can be added from internal libraries or external sources. Moonfruit provides a variety of packages to suit users including free, standard and business premium subscriptions.


  • Storage – The amount of space we provide for uploading files from your computer e.g. JPG, GIF, MP3, FLV, DOC, PDF, SWF etc. The storage limit is per account.
  • Websites – The maximum number of active sites in your account. Deleted websites are not counted in this number.
  • Mobile Optimised – It publish your website into an optimized version suitable for mobile devices.
  • Bandwidth – The amount of bandwidth allocated for downloading files from your site to a client (your visitor’s computer). This is calculated over a rolling 24-hour period per month. Unlimited provides for fair usage of downloadable files (60GB) but unlimited page views to visitors. This can be calculated to approx. 2GB per day of files downloads.
  • AdWords Vouchers – Provided once only on setting up your account. There may be qualifying period of up to 30 days before you can claim your voucher. This is to reduce fraud and abuse.
  • Shop – Create a shop and add it to your site simply using ShopBuilder feature.
  • Products – This is the maximum number of products you can add to your shop on any one site.
  • Facebook Shop – Free integration with Facebook (using Facebook Connect, which you need to have set up first) to create a Shop page on your Facebook profile.
  • Mobile Checkout – ShopBuilder Checkout feature which can be accessed on iPhone or Android mobiles through any enabled browser.
  • Blog – Create a blog and add it to your site easily using its Blog tool.
  • Getty Images – Access to extensive library of images provided by Getty Images. Royalty free for use on any of your websites.
  • [advt]Customer Support – Free technical support via email. This is provided to all paying customers. Access to our Forums, extensive FAQ and user guides is provided to all customers.
  • Domain name/s and email – Free voucher/s provided with your paid subscription allowing you to create, transfer into Moonfruit or renew your (Moonfruit hosted) domain name. Once the domain transaction is complete you will be able to create up to 5 mailboxes with unlimited forwards through its interface.
  • Members Only Pages – Functionality to allow you to manage page permissions on your website for members. This means you can permit or restrict pages to be viewed or edited to some or all members, or set up groups to do the same. You can also bulk email your members.
  • Site Administrators – Provide one or more members with Administrator rights allowing them full toolbar edit rights to the website, its pages and content.
  • Image Tools and Galleries – Add slide shows, pop-up galleries, crop tools and more to your site. Upload your own images or use the access to Getty Images to provide your site with visual impact.
  • Form Editor – Create your own user defined form with access to radio buttons, check boxes, required fields, validation plus styling.
  • HTML Snippets – It provide a widget that allows you to insert HTML Snippets from 3rd parties so that you can add a variety of features to your site e.g. YouTube custom player, Flickr Gallery, Google Maps, Amazon Affiliates link, calendar function like Google and Booking Bug.
  • Widget Library – Access to range of widgets you can add to your site including: comments, social book marking, forum, text effects, animations etc.
  • Google Analytics Support – Allows you to set up Analytics to monitor and track visitor stats and behaviour to and on their websites. All you need is code from Google and apply analytics tracking to all your websites.
  • Search Engine Optimised – It ensure that all content, links and images are rendered behind the Flash in a full HTML alternative to allow search engines to index your site. It also allows you to enter Site META data as well as Page META data to assist with your sites appearance in search results.


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