Skloog Online Bookmarking Website – Create and Store Bookmarks Online

Skloog is an online bookmarking service where user setup an account that allows to create and store favorite bookmarks online. Skloog is designed to accommodate your needs, including an option to email bookmarks directly to your Skloog account from your mobile phone.

This site offers you a website of your own to work with as far as these items are concerned. It is simple and easy to use. There is no software involved whats ever and this is a free service that can be used by anyone no matter who they are to keep their web pages organized and ready to use. This free bookmarking website can be used anywhere at any time on any mobile device or computer.

Skloog is user friendly and free which means no malware, ad-ware or spy-ware to speak of. It is convenient and easy to use and allows for freedom of bookmarks. Simply start your page and add bookmarks. You can also use email as well. This can be thought of as a master gateway for organizing relevant web pages to you. You can add shortcuts, remove or add tabs, and add bookmarks. You have the capacity to tag with keywords and the bookmarks can be emailed. No matter where you are at, you can access the page for yourself at any time.


  • Saves your bookmarks as web shortcuts
  • Set as your main homepage for easy use
  • Keeps all your bookmarks in one place regardless of browser[advt]
  • Easy editing of shortcuts
  • Allows you to change shortcut icons or upload your own
  • No need to install extensions or addons
  • Email and share bookmarks
  • Search bookmarks with tags

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