‘Condom a Cappella’ Ringtone

Imagine a phone going off at a wedding reception and the mobile ringtone has the unlikely chant of “condom, condom”. Imagine the consternation of the person who holds the phone because it’s not really his phone. Imagine the reaction of all around him. Well, if you think they are shocked and disapproving, you’ve got another think coming! Most people feel there is nothing wrong with the condom ringtone, as condoms signify smart and responsible behaviour, the hallmark of any winner.

This ‘condom a cappella’ ringtone is featured in a new ad campaign launched on August 8, 2008. The advertisement is part of a two year project using mass media to make condoms more generally acceptable.

This original ringtone can be downloaded in India by SMSing “CONDOM” to 56887 (download charges apply) or free from anywhere worldwide on the website www.condomcondom.org.



The campaign focuses on people who are sensible enough to appreciate and understand this, and so the tagline is Jo Samjha Wohi Sikander (“the one who understands is a winner”).

The campaign uses a multitude of youth friendly platforms such as website downloads, online games, mobile advertising and downloads, along with the TV and radio advertisements and on-ground activation. [via India PRwire]

They could give away a lot of T-shirts with great tagline printed on it to techies technology parks to spread the word.

Do you download this ringtone? Why?

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