Pixazza – Turns Static Images Into Interactive Content

pixazza_logoPixazza is a web service that turns static images into interactive content, while generating incremental income for web publishers. It makes image interactive by revealing information and products inside every picture. By enabling consumers to mouse over images to learn more and see related products, Pixazza has pioneered the use of images as real estate for brand advertising and ecommerce. Developed by technologists from Netscape and LiveOps, Pixazza’s platform combines Internet and crowd sourcing technology to deliver the optimal content relevant to online images.

[advt]A consumer simply mouses over any image on participating websites to reveal a selection of related products. One click goes directly to the product page of an associated advertiser to learn more and make a purchase. It’s like having the product guide in a print magazine just a click away from any picture.

Simply add a line of Javascript to your pages, after which the images on their site are reviewed by Pixazza’s network of product experts, who hand pick from millions of products across dozens of merchants to deliver informative results to the consumer.

The advertisers are both ecommerce merchants seeking additional customers as well as advertisers looking to deliver powerful brand impressions. Pixazza connects consumers on other sites to advertiser’s products bringing incremental traffic, branding, and transactions.


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