Comodo VerificationEngine – Free Site Verification Tool

Comodo VerificationEngine is free site verification utility for all users which let you verify that the site you are on is safe, secure and can be trusted. It makes easy to stay safe online and ensure that websites are safe before you click on them. It lets you differentiate between the real and the fake sites so that you can work securely on the web.

You just have to move the mouse over the logo brand or the image that you wish to verify. You can move the mouse over the ‘padlock’ symbol to make sure it is genuine. It has free anti-phishing software installed that makes the border around websites green to ensure that websites are safe so you can continue to work securely on the web. Allows browsers to make sure a log-in or password box is secure before you type in private information.

Download Comodo VerificationEngine


  • [advt]Comodo VerificationEngine verifies the authenticity of sites and protects your PC from scams
  • It stops pharming attacks, scams and protects your PC  from viruses
  • It contains free anti-phishing software that lets you verify all the brands and logos on a website
  • It provides system updates and alerts to suit your preferences
  • It ensures that the log in boxes are safe before you sign in to any website
  • It protects you from phishing attacks which is the most common form of identity theft

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