Club FM, Big FM & Radio Mirchi Now in Thiruvananthapuram

Club FM 94.3The long wait for private FM radio stations in Thiruvananthapuram is over. Club FM 94.3 from Mathrubhumi has officially started their transmission in the capital city today. Test transmission of Big FM 92.7 and Radio Mirchi 98.3 are also on. Tune in and enjoy! Hey, don’t forget to listen to our very own Ananthapuri FM 101.9 !

Hey do you know what happened to the DC FM 90.4? Was it just a rumor that DC School of Media has an FM station in Thiruvananthapuram? I never listened it though.



  1. hai,i would like to join as a rj in suryan fm in madurai…. could i know the detail regarding that… any mail id or ph no if any vaccany!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Malayaliyaya njan enthine englishil parayanam.
    Mulakadukalil kuzhal uthunna kattinte sabdham nam marakarilla mazhaude samgitham nam marakarilla athu pole 98.3 enna numberum

  3. hiiiiiii,i like 93.5 red fm in trivandrum,i like to join there as RJ,anybody know the email address of red fm 93.5 trivandum station..

  4. Hi
    The Following are the FM Stations in Trivandrum

    1. Ananthapuri FM – 101.90MHz
    2. Big FM – 92.70MHz
    3. Club FM – 94.30MHz
    4. Radio Mirchi – 98.30MHz
    5. Red FM – 93.50MHz

  5. 1. In radio broadcast particularly in FM radio, the frequency spectrum is betwean 60 KHz and 108 KHz, this means that the bandwidth available for all radio broadcast in the world as regulated by ITU is 48 KHz. Given that each voice channel has a maximum of 4 KHZ, it means that only 12 channels can be aired.
    explain why under practical circunstances it is possible to get more than 12 FM stations in FM radio broadcast.

  6. Hai FM Family,

    Do you know normally i am not interested to watch FM, past 4 days i am mad on this program. i am watching FM? which FM ? 9 4 .3 radio mirchi. the program is Heart to Heart with gowtham. its really nice program not only the program, gowtham voice also so cute, so nice, way of talking,voice tone.replay to the callers.this is very useful for lovers and love triers.

    None impressed me (Voice) except my udbi, he is only one in my life i thought.but 2nd time gowtham voice impressed me. dont think bad,i dont want to tell lie.

    I am engaged, love marriage also ,he is name is Mr.Charan,our love is same like kalamelam kadhal vazka and Kadhal kottai.its very intersting story.yesterday day i tried 66143943 but i got line some 1 said hello but suddently disconnected.Anyway no also i will try.

    Note:i dont know who is reading my mail,can you please forward to Mr.Gowtham.tell to replay back to my mail id. ”’Take care”’ bye, so nice of you””””
    ”Heart to Heart’ with gowtham ‘

    Nice listener

  7. friends check this website i am receiving almost all stations from srilanka.. most of the tamil stations like sakthi,suriyan, thendral fm, vasantham, velicham i am able to receive….also srilankan FM is very clear and having number of English FM channels.
    really it is good to hear those station in stereo mode.

  8. hai friends, feel free to contact me at 09944276102, Iam electrical based computer engineer, doing research in FM Dxing. Also much interested in geting radios from china.

  9. Hello friends,
    i am an engineer from tirunelveli, check the website mentioned. in the website, select indian ocean region, check for the tropospheric ducting. which is good at summer and during the winter mainly during the months of november and december. I am using 3 element YAGI antenna and the FM booster ciruit which i got ffrom kindly get this and u can surely receive all stations.
    Also one important factor is using PLL tunable radios, of DSP radios which u can get from china for Rs 500 to Rs.4000 they are really very good. If u try fm PLL radio from sony it costs at aboutRs.10000. Get godd PLL tunable radio and u will be an good DXER.

  10. Hello Frnds.I want to open a FM radio stations in my locality.What is the procedure please any one say me in detail and what is the financial requirement to open a radio station.

  11. well i saw a mentioning about DC FM…. well am a student od DC school og mangmnt and technology, vagamon campus…we poineered off the fst ever campus radio, radio dc..that still works on u cnt unfortunatly listen to it..and am associated wth it…

    tyrd to make it functional as a full fledged radio channel but we cudnt due to time constraints….hwever it will happen soon ……


  12. hello sir,
    I would like to know when willl Radio Mirchi and Radio City poerate its sevice in trichy.Im very eager.also othe fms like BIG Fm …

  13. FMs in Trivandrum:
    90.4 Radio DC
    92.7 Big FM
    93.5 Suryan FM
    94.3 Club FM
    98.3 Radio Mirchi
    101.9 Anantapuri

  14. I am an engineer. Iwant to open a fm channel. can you suggest me the procedure with whole setup.

  15. Hi Ligin:
    Howz it going. I was just browsing the internet to see if I can listen to Mirchi fm from Thiruvananthapuram. I guess it is not available online, yet.
    Anyways, thats how I bumped into this site. And I am glad I did. I just wanted to say, I liked the way you explained your answers. You talk in a very simple language so that even ordinary people, like me, can understand what you are talking about. We are in an information revelution in Keralam; I hope we have more people like you in Keralam.
    I am proud of you. Keep it up. All the best.
    Jay Gopalan

  16. Hi Deepu,
    Hi, usually signals are picked up better in the mornings and night rather than day time, cooler and dust free atmosphere supposed to be better for electromagnetic waves but I dont know the presice mechanism.

    Distant fms are heard by the phenomenon of tropospheric scatter and little bit of refraction rather than direct line of sight reception this is the reason why fms travel beyond the horizon of the transmitter . usually cloudy and rainy weather are not good for distant fm reception ,however local fm stations and tv stations appear to be better just after a good rain.

    The height of the transmitter influences the range so much as in case of Bangalore or Mysore the city is located at 900 meters above mean sea level and the height of the transmitter 100 or 200 meters together make it atleast 1000 m 0r 3100 feet from sea level similar to high ranges in kerala.Wayanad is also medium altitude and high altitude 500-2500 meters so u have great chances of picking up more distant stations not just bangalore.On good days I can also pickup bangalore stations the interference free ones are fever 104 AIR 101.3 105.6 107.2 at altitudes close to sea level, but only on good days and the reception not reliable clears and fades, become stereo and mono and sometimes disappears…
    Perhaps krishnakumar could contribute more details of fm propogation…… with regards

  17. Hai friends i am deepu from wayanad. I am recieving fm signals using a booster and diapol. In winter season(december to february)i get fm stations from bangalore(that only in mornings).why it happening?

  18. hi friends ,

    Hi I’m also an fm enthusiast i found this forum only today .ur posts are so interesting to me.I’m from kottayam, though I’m not a profesional in fm radios i’ve been using external antenna for last 6 years i could pick up almost all fm stations from kochi devikulam tvm kodaikanal thrissur manjeri calicut kannur coimbatore thirunelveli madurai nagercoil trichy mangalore mysore bangalore and many stations from sri lanka but like what ligin pointed out, all dependent so much on the weather. On good days u get on some days no signal at all.
    But the new pvt statoins having the same freq all over india there is so much overlap these days that in some freq like 93.5 I’m getting a mixture of voices and songs stations changing all the time

    So is there any way to reduce the interference my friends ?
    love to hear from u

  19. Hi,
    I am from Kayamkulam(Alpy dist). I assembled a single transistor(SC2570) fm booster cricuit and used a dipole as antenna, but could’nt get any of the stations. my nearest fm stations are 100-125km away.
    Any body could help me with new cicuits and ideas?

  20. Hi friends,
    Shortwave (HF) propagation is possible due to the ionosphere, a region of the upper atmosphere ranging from approximately 60 to 450 km in height.

    The ionosphere is divided up into three regions, the D, E, and F layers, with the F layer subdivided into the F1 and F2 layers.

    These layers are reflected Short wave signals (3 to 30 Mhz). But do to solar radiation (Black holls, Corona effect, solar wind .. etc) layer property changing time to time. That effect shortwave radio signals.

    Kollam, Kerala

  21. Hai…
    I a HAM Radio (Amateur Radia) operator. CallSign – VU3OCG –
    I hve get more and more FM sations in kerala & TN and also same time Sree Lanka.
    I am using 2 element Qubical Quad Antenna, abt 15 meter hi from ground.

  22. Hi,
    You can tune Big FM, Club FM, Radio Mirchi, SFM and Ananthapuri FM from Kanyakumari district too. Here we get lots of FM stations like Srilanka FM, Srilanka Tamil FM, TUTICORIAN FM, Sooryan fm(Tirunelveli), etc..

    Also I need to know why am i not getting SW(SHORT WAVE) clearly, when I tuned in, I am getting SW stations from China, Arab countries, USA, and even BBC Radio(UK) but the problem is it is not clear. Can you help me?

  23. Hai friends,
    Interested in music & fm dxing? how to make simple fm antina,fm booster and even more.
    I get these gems from net by crawling in traash spending tons of hours. If you are interested in MALAYALAM Blogging please go to my other blog site listed here.
    Thank you

  24. Dear Sir,

    I opened this site first time, this is very interesting site.

    I am TV Engr and interested to assemble FM Dxing / Booster. Please tell me circuit diagram.


  25. hi friends you can get readymade fm antena and booster from SILSINE,ELECTRONICS COCHIN phone..09495527505.
    very sensiteev very powerfull

  26. plse tell about dx board . how may rs for dx bord . i will search many shop . no response plse tell about the which place and which shop the dx board ?plse replay in the blog

  27. hi i am a media student in the U.K and am trying to study the radio culture in trivandrum (hey, this is my home). could u guys help me? how r these new FMs launched in trivandrum working? hadnt got the chance to hear it but would love to get ur feed back………

  28. For you ref.

    Suryan FM – Chennai – 93.5 MHz
    Suryan FM – Coimbatore – 93.5 MHz
    Suryan FM – Tirunelveli – 93.5 MHz
    Suryan FM – Madurai – 93.5 MHz
    Suryan FM – Tuticorin – 93.5 MHz
    Suryan FM – Pondicherry – 93.5 MHz
    Suryan FM – Trichy – 93.5 MHz
    SFM – Vishakapatinam – 93.5 MHz
    SFM – Bangalore – 93.5 MHz
    SFM – Hyderabad – 93.5 MHz
    SFM – Jaipur – 93.5 MHz
    SFM – Bhubaneshwar – 93.5 MHz
    SFM – Tirupati – 93.5 MHz
    SFM – Lucknow – 93.5 MHz
    SFM – Bhopal – 93.5 MHz
    SFM – Kozhikode – 93.5 MHz
    SFM – Indore – 93.5 MHz
    SFM – Vijayawada – 93.5 MHz
    SFM – Varanasi – 93.5 MHz
    SFM – Rajahmundry – 93.5 MHz
    SFM – Trivandrum – 93.5 MHz
    SFM – Kanpur – 93.5 MHz

  29. Actually SFM and Suryan FM are same.
    Frequency is alloted by FCC.
    ALL SFM has same frequency through India.

    There is no solution for this problem. If I get, i will definitely tell to you.

    Ligin Mathew Degree Sem 6 in EC, CE Adoor

  30. Friends,

    FM provides high-fidelity sound over broadcast radio. FM broadcast band is from 87.5 to 108.0 MHz. VHF band extends from 30 MHz to 300 MHz. Thus FM belongs to VHF. The property of the High frequency signals is that they propagate only in line of sight i.e., upto 50 to 100 Km .And these signals never reflects or refracts. But in the ionosphere these signals reflects back to earth.

    Dxing = D(Distant)+ X(Unknown)

    DX communication is communication over great distances using the ionosphere to refract the transmitted radio beam. The beam returns to the Earth’s surface, and may then be reflected back into the ionosphere for a second bounce. Ionospheric refraction is generally only feasible for frequencies below about 50 MHz, and is highly dependent upon atmospheric conditions, the time of day, and the eleven-year sunspot cycle. It is also affected by solar storms and some other solar events, which can alter the Earth’s ionosphere by ejecting a shower of charged particles.The angle of refraction places a minimum on the distance at which the refracted beam will first return to Earth. This distance increases with frequency.

    According to Dxing theory, an FM/TV signal from 700 to 1500 miles can be received.

    A good DXing Pre-amplifier can be used.

    You can use any type of antenna like telescopic antenna, It is better to use, dipole antenna or Yagi antenna. Length of the dipole depends on frequency. I am an Electronics Eng student, The circuits for dxing, booster, signal amp., were assembled by myself. All are available in the market.

    The antenna for reception is designed by myself.
    for eg. in yagi antenna, the dimensios as as follows:

    The first director is 120 / F if F = 88 MHZ then 120 / 88 = 1,36 Meters.

    1 director 1 120 / frequency
    A interval betwen 1 et 2 60 / frequency
    2 director 2 125 / frequency
    B interval betwen 2 et 3 45 / frequency
    3 director 3 130 / frequency
    C interval betwen 3 et 4 30 / frequency
    4 director 4 138 / frequency
    D interval betwen 4 et 5 30 / frequency
    5 Dipôle 143 / frequency
    E interval betwen 5 et 6 48 / frequency
    6 reflector 150 / frequency

    If anyone have any doubt regarding this, feel free to call me or mail me. As a student, if it is possible I will clear it.

    Ligin Mathew
    [email protected]

  31. Hi Ligin,
    I am from Cochin.
    What kind of an antenna are u using? R u using Dxing circuits and boosters separately. am using a FM booster circuit and am able receive all the tvm as well as tsr and sometimes Kannur stations in my radio. I would like to know also the radio.It will be good if u can specify the details in the site itself

  32. Hello Ligin………u told about DXing circuits and Boosters…rt?What are all dese things about? and from where i can buy dese things?i m not an expert in electronics…….Please expln in detail….. feel free to ping me on [email protected]

  33. I am Ligin, from Pathanamthiitta.

    Everybody knows that there is FM stations in PTA or near district.

    But i get the following FMs.

    Suryan FM (Tirunelveli) 93.5
    Hello FM 106.4
    Anathapuri 101.9
    Kochi 102.3
    Kochi Rainbow 107.5
    Kozhikode 103.6
    Kannur 101.5
    Kodaikanal 100.5
    Big FM 92.7
    Mirchi 98.3
    Suryan FM (TVM – from feb 2nd onwards.- Test)
    Club FM 94.3 (TVM)

    Reason is that, I am using FM DXing circuits and Boosters.

  34. Its very nice to hear club fm and radio mirchi started transmission from our own trivandrum… when did sfm and big fm starts their transmission…

    want reply..

  35. Yes, it is from AIR (All India Radio). Yeah, it doesn’t fall in the clubbing culture like Mirchi or Club FM. Let us wait and see how Ananthapuri FM gears up for the competition.

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