Access Internet Radio Stations / Channels – Download Earth Media Centre Radio

EarthMediaCenterRadio provides the Internet users with access to internet radio channels. It gives user access to thousands of internet radio channels. This freeware doesn’t require any administrator privilege so you just have to download the software and install it without thinking about any administrator privilege to enjoy free internet radio. Once you install this freeware, you get access to about 65,000internet radio stations for free. The users of EarthMediaCenter Radio are contributing stations day by day so the number of stations is increasing.

User don’t have to think about updating this software manually as you will be provided updates of internet radio stations database and interface automatically. If user want to enjoy radio while doing other work on your PC, user can use it’s Always on Top mode to keep it on top of other windows opened in your PC. If user want to add a specific station to its radio stations database, change stations info or delete a station from the database,user can send the request form to do it.

User don’t need any additional software or hardware to enjoy this free software so you get to hear all the radio stations for free. Its top notch sound quality is good enough to satisfy all the radio lovers. User can customize its equalizer and SRS WOW effects by yourself if you want to add sound effects by yourself.

This freeware is available for download in EarthMediaCenter’s official website. It’s only 1MB in size so you will be able to download the software and install it in just a couple of minutes. Once the installation is complete, launch the software and you get access to about 65,000 internet radio stations for free.

Download EarthMediaCenter Radio


  • Get access to about 65,000 radio stations
  • No additional software or hardware is required
  • Automatic update of internet radio stations database and interface are provided[advt]
  • High quality sound
  • Customizable equalizer and SRS WOW effects
  • Interface is completely modified for touch-screen devices

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