CloudFlare – Content Delivery Network and Domain Name Server Service

CloudFlare is a content delivery network and distributed Domain Name Server service aimed at enhancing website performance and speed and providing security. It offers both free and paid services. It protects and accelerates any website online. Once your website is a part of the CloudFlare community, its web traffic is routed through its intelligent global network. It automatically optimize the delivery of your web pages so your visitors get the fastest page load times and best performance. It also blocks threats and limit abusive bots and crawlers from wasting your bandwidth and server resources.

CloudFlare can be used by anyone with a website and their own domain, regardless of your choice in platform. From start to finish, setup takes most website owners less than 5 minutes. Adding your website requires only a simple change to your domain’s DNS settings. There is no hardware or software to install or maintain and you do not need to change any of your site’s existing code.


  • [advt]CloudFlare CDN: Distribute your content around the world so it’s closer to your visitors (speeding up your site).
  • CloudFlare optimizer: Web pages with ad servers and third party widgets load snappy on both mobile and computers.
  • CloudFlare security: Protect your website from a range of online threats from spammers to SQL injection to DDOS.
  • CloudFlare analytics: Get insight into all of your website’s traffic including threats and search engine crawlers.
  • CloudFlare apps: CloudFlare apps make installing web apps on your site fast, safe and one-click simple.

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