Infosys Founders’ Rare Picture

Infosys founders

One of my friends forwarded this picture a year ago. I just thought of sharing with you all. Here is an explanation about this picture I read on a website.

This picture was taken when Infosys was started. This was found in the album of the clerk. It was the clerk’s birthday and he had everyone stand together for him to click a photograph. He had borrowed the camera from his friend. He kept this picture as a souvenir of the occasion. The clerk clicked the photo and that’s why you don’t find him in the picture.

I think, Mr Narayana Murthy is the left most and Shibulal is the right most person with a beard.
Can you identify anyone?

Update, May 2006: Recently I was told that, this picture was taken when the first Mainframe Computer arrived at Infosys. The box in front of the team is the Mainframe computer.

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