Infosys Founders’ Rare Picture

Infosys founders

One of my friends forwarded this picture a year ago. I just thought of sharing with you all. Here is an explanation about this picture I read on a website.

This picture was taken when Infosys was started. This was found in the album of the clerk. It was the clerk’s birthday and he had everyone stand together for him to click a photograph. He had borrowed the camera from his friend. He kept this picture as a souvenir of the occasion. The clerk clicked the photo and that’s why you don’t find him in the picture.

I think, Mr Narayana Murthy is the left most and Shibulal is the right most person with a beard.
Can you identify anyone?

Update, May 2006: Recently I was told that, this picture was taken when the first Mainframe Computer arrived at Infosys. The box in front of the team is the Mainframe computer.

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  1. Dear Friends,

    Can anybody give me direct contact of Mr Narayan Murthy? Actually, we wish to invite him as a Chief Guest for one of most popular and high profile Expo at Pune. Though I have got the number of his PA…he is out of reach for more than a week and the expo will start on 28th Jan..
    Do not have direct contact no of Mr Murthy….pls help if any body knows…

  2. NS Raghavan is correct. He is my uncle. Kris too is right. Shibu is a very close family friend. He is to the extreme right. I believe it is Dinesh to the right of Shibu

  3. Anon 1, 2 & 3 –

    I am not from Infosys but felt like sharing my thoughts on your comments.

    Did you ever think about your own views on what being “global” means? Does it necessarily mean speaking in English? Have you worked with Europeans? Or for that matter Japanese or Koreans or Chinese? Have you observed their interactions? What languages do they talk in when they talk to each other?

    Or better still have you and your english speaking friends worked in Europe/ Japan/ China/ India etc? Think about a scenario where you were working in Japan and came across an english speaking person. Would you start speaking to him/ her in Japenese (assuming that you somehow learn Japanese) just because you are in Japan or would you speak in English?

    Think about it and only then try to denigrate others just because they behave differently from you. Being global does not mean speaking english and behaving as you want them to behave.

  4. Mr. narayana Murthy led by the messages of Ghagavad Gita.In this modern world the art of Management has become a part and parcel of everyday life, be it at home, in the office or factory and in Government. In all organizations, where a group of human beings assemble for a common purpose irrespective of caste, creed, and religion, management principles come into play through the management of resources, finance and planning, priorities, policies and practice. Management is a systematic way of carrying out activities in any field of human effort.

    Its task is to make people capable of joint performance, to make their weaknesses irrelevant, says the Management Guru Peter Drucker. It creates harmony in working together – equilibrium in thoughts and actions, goals and achievements, plans and performance, products and markets. It resolves situations of scarcity, be they in the physical, technical or human fields, through maximum utilization with the minimum available processes to achieve the goal. Lack of management causes disorder, confusion, wastage, delay, destruction and even depression. Managing men, money and materials in the best possible way, according to circumstances and environment, is the most important and essential factor for a successful management.

    Management guidelines from the Bhagavad Gita
    There is an important distinction between effectiveness and efficiency in managing.

    Effectiveness is doing the right things.
    Efficiency is doing things right.
    The general principles of effective management can be applied in every field, the differences being more in application than in principle. The Manager’s functions can be summed up as:

    Forming a vision
    Planning the strategy to realize the vision.
    Cultivating the art of leadership.
    Establishing institutional excellence.
    Building an innovative organization.
    Developing human resources.
    Building teams and teamwork.
    Delegation, motivation, and communication.
    Reviewing performance and taking corrective steps when called for.

  5. Hi anons 1, 2 & 3,
    As a software professional I understand your concerns. You are very welcome to post comments on this blog too. But as the blog author, I am helpless to solve these concerns. Please contact Infosys directly.

  6. There isn’t any party going on.. they just talk/laugh loudly in some Indian language. You can have fun, but be considerate to the work place and at least talk in English

  7. Not only that they stare at people as if they are from mars! Infosys should teach etiquette to their employees first before claiming to be a global company.

  8. Why are these infosys consultants talk in Hindi at work place?
    Don’t they know the work place etiquette?

    They are nice people and work hard.. but it’s just irritating

  9. Hi Peeyush,

    I got the names of few in this pic, but would like to know the names of all, can you pls tell me. the persons I have identified are:
    L to R – NRN, K Dinesh(IN tie), N.S Raghavan (in Specs), Kris, Nandan (Behind Kris) and Shibulal (extreem right). my mail id – [email protected] or [email protected]

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