Cisco CloudVerse – End-to-End Framework to Build, Manage and Connect Clouds

CISCO LogoCisco announced CloudVerse, an integrated set of capabilities that enables customers to deliver cloud applications and services by uniquely combining the unified data center and cloud intelligent network. CloudVerse is the culmination of Cisco’s data center and network innovation over the last few years and provides Cisco’s customer with the platform for their journey to the cloud. CloudVerse enables Cisco’s customers to deliver cloud applications and services with a cloud platform tailored to their needs – whether private, public, or hybrid – in an interconnected world of many clouds.

CloudVerse enables service providers, governments, and enterprises to offer their solutions as a service and deliver them with the full benefits of clouds. CloudVerse’s benefits are greater simplicity in deployment and management of cloud services, stronger security with a more comprehensive approach, faster service agility, improved economics, and an assured experience for cloud users.

CloudVerse integrates the three key elements of a business-class cloud:

  1. Unified Data Center – Bringing together the compute, network, management, and storage elements to offer an integrated platform for applications and services
  2. Cloud Intelligent Network – This is an enhancement of both the enterprise Borderless Networks and the SP next-generation network with cloud aware capabilities
  3. Cloud Applications and Services – Cisco offers a set of pre-tested applications and services for those companies looking to build and provide cloud services to individuals, businesses, and their own organizations

CloudVerse pillars are comprised of:

Unified Data Center

Unified Data Center (UDC) is the platform that unifies networking, compute, storage, and management into a common architecture delivering agility, simplicity and flexibility. Cisco designed the UDC to help Cisco customers move from legacy IT to a much simpler and more efficient model for data center operations. By moving away from individual infrastructure silos UDC enables an on-demand resource pool, and IT becomes IT as a Service.

Cisco has established an open, integrated ecosystem for the data center including Unified Fabric, Unified Computing, and Unified Management tools. The Cisco Unified Data Center is built with whole offers, such as Vblock delivered through Cisco’s partnership with VCE and FlexPod through Cisco’s partnership with NetApp.

To manage the cloud, Cisco continue to work with ecosystem partners such as BMC on the Cloud Lifecycle Management suite, and Cisco is now announcing new additions to Cisco Unified Management: Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (CIAC) is a best-in-class software solution for enhancing private clouds and public clouds – with functionality including a self-service portal, service catalog, orchestration, automated provisioning, lifecycle management and pay-per-use tracking. One element, the Cisco Network Services Manager, provides simplified policy-based management and provisioning of virtualized network components in a cloud environment. This solution also includes both the Cisco Cloud Portal (formerly newScale) and the Cisco Process Orchestrator (formerly Tidal) software technologies, which provide customers with tremendous business agility and cost savings.

Cloud Intelligent Network

Leveraging strong Cisco networking solutions including CRS, Nexus, Catalyst, ASR, and ISR, the Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network (CIN) connects the data center and its services to the rest of the cloud and to the end user. A Cisco CIN allows you to dynamically identify resources across the network (Cisco Network Positioning System) and load balance your existing workloads and connections to keep services running optimally. The new capabilities of cloud-cloud connect and cloud-customer connect enhance the dynamic nature of the cloud to support cloud services.

Cloud Applications and Services

Together the Unified Data Center and Cloud Intelligent Network provide the platform to deliver cloud applications and services. CloudVerse enables a compelling user experience for Cloud Services: anywhere, on any device, at any time. Cisco CloudVerse has pre-tested a wide range of applications and services for customers to use in their clouds:

  • Collaboration: Unified Communications, Customer Collaboration, WebEx Meetings, IM, Presence, and TelePresence. CISCO is further enhancing the hosted collaboration suite with a private cloud Hosted Collaboration Service, collaboration software for devices, IMS integration with mobile networks and further capabilities.
  • Video: Delivery of video content (TV, internet, and beyond) with Videoscape experience using Medianet capabilities
  • Security Applications and Services: Cloud Threat Intelligence, Cloud Web Security, andCloud Email Security
  • Third-Party Cloud Services: Over 50 certified IT applications and services that are pre-tested for CloudVerse

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