Chinese Cyber Attack on India Government Offices Too?

Mr M. K. Narayanan, National Security Adviser, told The Times in a rare interview, that his office and other government departments were targeted on December 15, the same date that Google reported sophisticated cyber attacks from China.

A ‘Trojan’ virus was embedded in an e-mail PDF attachment, which allows a hacker to access a computer remotely and download or delete files. The virus was detected and officials were told not to log on until it was eliminated. This was not the first instance of an attempt to hack into India’s computers.

Even though it is difficult to find the exact source but people seem to be fairly sure it was the Chinese. The attack seems well founded. India was co-operating with America and Britain to bolster its cyber defenses.

China has denied any role in the hacking attacks, which began on December 15 and also targeted US Defense contractors and finance and technology companies, including Google.

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