WiMAX to Succeed in Developing Countries, India to be the Largest Mobile WiMAX Market by 2013

According to an analysis made by Cantab Wireless, a wireless communications analyst company, based in Cambridge, UK, Mobile WiMAX may not succeed in mature mobile broadband markets (developed countries), but it will have a future in BRIC countries, especially in India. India will be the largest market for mobile WiMAX by 2013.

It is said that WiMAX will be a success in countries like India, where cellular 3G broadband services is not present or available only in a few cities. Mobile WiMAX can make its break in countries which do not have mobile broadband yet but which are developing fast. The BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) countries fit this description well.


Moreover, fixed wireless is already widely used as a cable replacement technology in many developing countries such as Pakistan and India, which provide good starting points in terms of Mobile WiMAX deployments.

The biggest challenge for Mobile WiMAX is that it is competing against 3G cellular networks in mature telecommunications markets.

The analysis shows that Mobile WiMAX cannot provide a shortcut to the 4th generation of mobile telecomms as claimed to be. Given all the facts, Mobile WiMAX performance is comparable to 3.5G cellular systems at best, and in some areas it lags behind its cellular competitors. More importantly, 3.5G has already been rolled out, operating in numerous cellular networks, whereas Mobile WiMAX is yet to become operational in a grand scale in developed markets.

Therefore, their forecast is that Mobile WiMAX will not be able to gain a significant foothold in developed markets. [source]

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