Delicious, Favorites and Domain Hack

Sometimes I seem not to understand even the very silly things. hmm.

I have been using for sometime. At a later point, I started wondering why would they pick up such a website URL with a sub domain, main domain and a TLD? It did not click me first. After thinking ‘deeply’ for hours, I think I got it right. So I thought there might be many more like me, why not write this down for all? 🙂 is a domain hack of the word delicious. Why the term delicious? In Windows and Internet Explorer, you bookmark your favorites links, right? Now helps you bookmark those delicious links! Its a new term similar to favorites!

According to website, is a social bookmarks manager. It allows you to easily add sites you like to your personal collection of links, to categorize those sites with keywords, and to share your collection not only between your own browsers and machines, but also with others.

You can add links with description and tags. Tags are one-word descriptors that can be assigned to bookmark.

I consider as an online public bookmark collection system. I don’t know what the term social means in this context. It allow you to share and gather useful bookmarks about any topic/tag. It is not hierarchical (unlike conventional directory structures like Delicious is a flat category system, using tags. I think that is what makes delicious easy to use. You can view the links in chronological order or by tags. Delicious also provides RSS feeds from tags. Even though offers these functionality, it is not yet newbie-friendly.

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BTW, you might have seen or used labels in Gmail. Gmail does not offer folders to organize your emails, instead you can add labels to emails. You can assign multiple labels to an email. I like this feature. It seems tagging/labeling is the new way of flat information organization.

BTW, what is a domain hack?

A domain hack is an unconventional domain name that uses parts other than the second level domain or third level domain to create the full title of the domain name. is the most popular domain hack is. For example, vipin can get a domain name which has two meanings – a VIP and vipin 🙂 Look at,,, etc too 😉

Read more about domain hack at Wikipedia

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