Chat with your Facebook Friends – Download FacebookDiscovery

FacebookDiscovery is a free desktop facebook chat application that allows you to keep in contact with your Facebook friends even when you are at work and cannot login to your Facebook account. The application is actually a normal instant messenger that enables you to keep in contact with your Facebook friends.

When you launch this software on your computer, it will ask you to login with your Facebook login ID and password. Log-on the messenger and you will be able to connect with your friends from anywhere. The application is equipped with entire instant messenger features as it supports emotion icons for your chats, it supports the pics of the friends they use in their profile.

Download FacebookDiscovery


  • You can change your status to: Online, Idle, Invisible.
  • Simple profile picture changing.
  • Move contact between groups.
  • Clean and clear contact list with easy to use searching.
  • Https Support.
  • Real-time notifications.
  • Update your facebook status easily.
  • Appear offline to certain groups.
  • Tabbed chatting.
  • Message history when opening conversations.
  • Full support for Facebook emoticons and bold/underline text.
  • Message recall (Ctrl+Up/Down to browse).
  • Save conversations or clear message history.


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