15 Years of Text Messaging

“Merry Christmas” was the world’s first text message to a cellphone typed by Neil Papworth, in December 1992, sent from a computer keyboard.

Today, billions of text messages fly through the airwaves every day, they have inspired their own shorthand in languages written around the world; some relationships live and die on the strength of the 160-character, thumb-typed phone texts. It is estimated that two to three trillion messages are sent yearly.

Various alternative phone messaging systems that demand more technology – like the chatty back-and-forth of instant messaging, the wish-you-were-here quality of photo messages – are waiting in the wings to overtake the SMS, the technical term for the industry’s “short message service.”


The young generation prefers text messaging and instant messaging for their communication rather than relying on traditional email for keeping relationships. With the technology developments, let us hope that chatty messaging, photo messaging and video messaging will be available soon for daily use.

via IHT

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