Papyrs – Online Document Management System

Papyrs is the easy way to organize information simply you can drag and drop intranet to better collaborate with colleagues and clients. Easily share and collect documents, notes, online forms. You can add all kinds of information and dynamic contents. Papyrs brings your company’s talent together through a clever interface that’s rich enough to let any idea flourish, but clean enough to never be in the way: and with customizable themes, you’ll feel right at home. And with granular sharing and permission controls you can rest assured that only the right people, both clients and staff.

[advt]You can write a quick note or an important document. Add text and headings to your page with rich edit formatting. Add an image or an image gallery with thumbnails. Add all kinds of files to your pages and easily share with your team.

Organize your pages: Papyrs keeps track of a full version history of every page. Use folders and subfolders to categorize your pages. Subscribe to a page to receive email notifications when a page is updated, or when someone leaves a comment or has submitted a form. When a page is updated, the email shows you at a glance which parts have been changed.

Reports and analytics: Create reports of the filled-out forms in a convenient data table. Filter reports by status or custom values and calculate totals. Or export to a spreadsheet (e.g. Excel) for further analysis. Form submission status. Add a status field to add a workflow for processing requests. Get notified when the status of a request changes.
Build a personalized intranet: Create pages with rich text, images, attachments, checklists and more. Design everything with drag & drop. Share the pages with your team and set who can view and who can make changes.

Collect and process data with forms: Do you send files around to collect data from colleagues and clients? Do you manually copy the answers in Excel? Use Papyrs to add online forms to your pages. Use reports to view your data and process requests.

All your information in one place: Ever lost a document, note or idea youknow you saved somewhere? Keep all related information in one place with Papyrs. Notes, documents, files, etc. A knowledge base for your business.

Improve communication, work better together: When working together there is so much stuff: printouts, drafts, post-its, contact info, emails back and forth. Chaos. With Papyrs getting organized is painless and easy.

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