Angry Birds Stella

rovio.logoRovio Entertainment has just announced Angry Birds Stella, an upcoming game in the Angry Birds franchise aimed at female fans. Rovio has given some background on the story of the game. Six new characters have been introduced in Angry Birds Stella, with Stella being the protagonist (see pink bird in the image). Rovio describes Stella as one of the Angry Birds who is fierce and feisty besides appearing cute. The game’s story will also include enemies to fight. “Of course no story is complete without some interesting (fr)enemies!,” states the Rovio website.

The website claims that the game would be full of “fun and adventure” along with some other side issues going on in the story “but the bunch of passionate pals will also have to deal with some serious issues in order to protect their friendship and the environment they live in.”

Rovio plans to introduced new merchandise based on Angry Birds Stella, such as games, toys, books and other retail products soon. It did not announce the launch date of the game or which platforms it would release first. It should be available for all the leading mobile platforms when it launches.

Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio Entertainment, said:

“Angry Birds Stella is breaking the mold by introducing strong, passionate characters who really stand for something, while adding plenty of action and reality into the mix. The Angry Birds Stella story will live and evolve across physical and digital, bridging them in fun and innovative ways. Stella and her friends are here to stay, with plenty of adventures ahead of them”

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