Call Forwarding Facility in MTNL Delhi Landline

MTNL LogoCall Forwarding Facility is available to any Landline Subscribers of MTNL Delhi. Subscriber availing this facility can forward the calls coming to his/her number to another landline/CDMA/GSM number of MTNL or any other local operator. The call forwarding has following three options:-

  1. unconditional or
  2. on busy subscriber or
  3. on no reply of subscriber

These options of Call Forwarding can be activated/deactivated by a subscriber himself  from his own telephone by dialing as follows:-

Activation Deactivation
Unconditional Forwarding 114+ Forwarded No. 115
Subscriber Busy Forwarding 1220+Forwarded No 1221
Subscriber No Reply Forwarding 1222+Forwarded No. 1223

Forwarded number is the phone number to which the calls are to be transferred. Please wait for Acknowledgement Tone after every Activation and Deactivation before replacing handset.

For example, if a subscriber wants to forward his calls to Dolphin No. 9868112345, he has to dial 1149868112345 from his telephone. For deactivation , he has to dial 115 only. Similarly, for call forwarding on busy subscriber, the digits dialed shall be 12209868112345. For deactivation of this, subscriber has to dial 1221 only.

  • For Dolphin user, Call Forwarding Facility can be selected and activated/deactivated by option available on handset.
  • For Garuda user, Call Forwarding Facility can be selected and activated/deactivated by dialing
Activation Deactivation
Unconditional Forwarding *14+Forwarded No.+# (old handset)*114+Forwarded No.+#(new handset) *15# (old handset)*115# (New Handset)
Subscriber Busy Forwarding *220+Forwarded No.+# (old handset)Handset Option( New Handset) *221# (old handset)Handset Option( New Handset)
Subscriber No Reply Forwarding *222+Forwarded No.+# (old handset)Handset Option (New Handset) *223# (old handset)Handset Option(New Handset)

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