Orkut SMS & Orkut Mobile – Scarp and Get Scraps on Your Mobile Phone

Orkut SMS and Orkut Mobile has been introduced in Orkut long back. Since many of our friends are unware of that, we are writing about this, hope this helps.

Orkut SMS

Orkut SMS allows you to stay in touch with your orkut friends using text messages from your mobile phone. You can receive new scrap notifications, get friend info, and more from your mobile device.

To use Orkut SMS, you need to register your phone on the orkut website. Orkut will give you a message code to send to the Orkut SMS number for verification. You can then send SMS commands from your phone to the appropriate orkut SMS number, which is 56555 in India.

Orkut SMS is a premium service and your mobile carrier may charge you for sending SMS in India. In India, messages sent costs 2 INR for all carriers except MTNL, which is 1 INR. Notifications received is free up to your monthly limit. [These prices are subject to change by the provider at any time.]

Orkut SMS supports Aircel, BPL, MTNL, Reliance, Spice and Tata mobiles. Orkut SMS is available in Brazil also, no other countries are supported now.


Orkut SMS Commands

on or off  – Turn on/off SMS notifications of new scraps

reset – Reset your quota limit

unregister – Unregister SMS service

scrap <name> <message> Send a scrap to one of your orkut friends

contact <name>  – View the contact information (phone number, email, IM, and address) of an orkut friend

Orkut Mobile

Orkut Mobile allows you to quickly and easily access orkut from an Internet enabled phone or mobile device. Visit http://m.orkut.com using your mobile device; you’ll be able to see your profile and access many of the same features that are available on orkut when you sign-in to your orkut profile on the computer.

In order to access orkut mobile, you should have an Internet enabled phone with a cookie enabled XHTML compliant SSL supported web browser.

orkut doesn’t charge you to access your profile from a mobile device, but depending on your data plan, you may be charged by your mobile service provider.

Using Orkut Mobile, you can access:

  • Your orkut profile
  • Your scrapbook
    • Your three most recent scraps will appear on your homepage.
    • You can read all of your scraps in your scrapbook (10 scraps per page will be displayed.)
    • You can write scraps to your friends from their profile page.
  • User search
  • Your friends’ list
  • Updates from your friends (Note: Video and Testimonial updates will not display on orkut mobile as those features are only available from a computer.)
  • Birthday reminders
  • Friend requests

Currently, communities, testimonials, and videos are not available on orkut mobile. Additionally, if you would like to edit your orkut profile or create a new one, you can only do this when you access orkut from your computer.

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