Call 1909 IVR System, Set Telemarketing Call Preferences

Have you ever wish to selectively choose or block telemarketing calls and messages in a more effective way? Then Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India (TRAI)’s new regulations will help you do that. “The Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, 2010” from TRAI will become effective from 1st January 2011 onwards.

According to the new regulations for National Customer Preference Register (NCPR), telemarketing calls are classified in seven categories and subscribers have the option to either block all of them or selectively block a few categories.

You can avail NCPR facility via SMS, via Toll Free Call and also through IVRS. In this article, we show you how to register, deregister and change your preferences for telemarketing calls via Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)

Registration and Changing preference via Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)

  1. You have to call toll free number 1909. Then based on the choices given by IVRS, you have to select the option for register, deregister or change preference.
  2. When you chose for registering or changing your preference, the IVRS will prompt you about various categories available for registration of preference like fully blocked or partially blocked.
  3. If you are confirming for fully blocked category, then IVRS will confirm your preference. Once you confirms, your option will get activated.
  4. If you opt for partially blocked category, IVRS will give you details regarding the seven categories and will prompt you to choose any one of them. After you select any one category, then IVRS will ask for your confirmation.
  5. Once you confirms your option, you will get the final confirmation SMS along with your unique registration number. Done

Deregistration via IVRS

If you want all your telemarketing calls back, you can deregister the service by calling IVRS on 1909. Again, you have to select your preference for de-registering. The IVRS will then ask for your confirmation of your selected option. Upon your confirmation, you will get an SMS which informs the success of your deregistration process.

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