BSNL 3G Mobile Services – Video Calling, 3G Data Cards, Mobile Broadband

3G is the next generation of mobile communications systems. It enhances the services such as multimedia, high speed mobile broadband, internet access with the ability to view video footage on your mobile handset. With a 3G phone and access to the 3G network you can make video calls, watch live TV, access the high speed internet, receive emails and download music tracks, as well as the usual voice call and messaging services found on a mobile phone, like person to person video, live streaming, downloadable video of entertainment, news, current affairs and sport content and video messaging. BSNL 3G offers services like Video call facility, Mobile Broadband, movies, video PRBT, Mobile TV content available on BSNL 3G Portal etc. BSNL 3G practically provides broadband experience with speed better than 384 KBPS.

BSNL 3G services use USIM, theSIM card for 3G services. USIM stand for Universal Subscriber Identification Module. USIM is provided to access 3G services. The USIM has a storage capacity of 128 KB. The BSNL 3G starter pack includes the charges for USIM aslo.

BSNL provides upgrade to existing BSNL numbers to 3G without loosing the existing number. Number portability does not work yet, if you want to migrate from other mobile providers.



In order to use the 3G mobile broadband, you require a 3G handset and subscription for 3G services to use mobile broadband on your handset. In case you want to connect your laptop or PDA (personal digital assistant) to 3G network, like while moving in a vehicle, you will require to connect your 3G handset to the computer through data cable, infrared or blue tooth. You may also buy a 3G data card and use the same with your computer to access high speed 3G network. You can access 3G broadband without plugging a USB modem or data card into the laptop, through your Handset if it supports 3G.

Difference between WI-MAX , WI -FI and 3G: WI-MAX & WI-FI are primarily for internet/data service whereas 3G is for internet/data as well as voice service. Roaming facility in case of 3G is better as compared to these services.

There are two types of data card/devices to access Mobile Broadband. HSDPA card PCMCIA based, and HSDPA card USB based, and can be connected respectively at PCMCIA slot and USB port of Laptop. These are plug and play devices. The download speed presently available with these cards is 3.6 Mbps. In due course other types of cards will also be available.

BSNL 3G Video Calling

When you talk to some body over phone and are able to see the persson at other end on the screen of your phone then it is called a video call. Video Calling lets your friends see where you’re hanging out. With Video Call, you can view both yourself, and the person you’ve called, in high quality, real-time video.

In order for you to make a video call, both calling and called party should be BSNL 3G mobile customers and both calling and called party should have suitable handset with 2 cameras. It is possible up to 10 persons to simultaneously have video conferencing through BSNL 3G video calling.

With the video ring back tone, during video ring back you will see a video as selected by the called party. With BSNL 3G Video Calling features, it possible to take voice call during internet surfing.

BSNL Video calling functions with Video Streaming, which is a sequence of “moving images” that are sent in compressed form over the Internet and displayed by the viewer as they arrive. It allows user to view video contents while downloading is in progress.

BSNL 3G service is available in a few selected capitals and cities. But while moving from BSNL 3G area to a 2G area, your call will continue without getting dropped. The data card speed would switch automatically to GPRS connection, the speed would be slower than that available in 3G network.

To enable video call service on your handset, go to menu, click on “setting” button, click on network, click on network mode, and select Dual mode. The handset will first reboot and then make your handset active for 3G network wherever it is available else the handset will remain active as it does in ordinary 2G/ 2.5G networks. Once your handset is in dual mode it will give preference to 3G network i.e. if both 2G/ 2.5G and 3G networks are there then will work in 3G Network.

When you are active in 3G network, 3G sign indication will appear in your handset near the signal sign.

How do I Make / Receive a Video Call?

When you and your friend both have 3G mobiles, just dial his number. The only difference is that you press the Video Call button instead of the voice call button. All 3G mobiles have a video calling button. Then hold your mobile in front of you, and watch your screen.

If someone ‘Video Calls’ you while you’re in 3G coverage, your mobile shows an icon on your mobile screen. To answer, press the Video Call button. You can even turn the camera off and have a normal voice call if you do not want to be seen.

Video calling is a 3G service; it is only possible if both the parties are within 3G coverage. If the other party is not in 3G network then the video call will not be connected, the call will drop and you will get a message “video call not supported by called party network”. In such a case you may like to make a voice call only. Similarly, if any of the party involved in conversation moves out of 3G coverage, the video call will drop. In such a case you may like to make a voice call. Voice calls work seemlessly when any of the parties move out of the 3G coverage area to 2G / 2.55 area.

You will be able to connect your 3G handset with the computer through Data cable, infrared or Bluetooth. You may also buy a 3G data card and use the same with your computer to access high speed 3G network.

BSNL 3G Data Cards

3G Data cards are meant for accessing internet and emails at anytime and from anywhere. Thus 3G Data Cards help us to work on the move with full email and web access .It provides Simple and instant internet access at mega fast speeds up to 3.6 Mbps. 3G data cards make us free from messy wires, Fixed Line Requirement, No Need of Cyber Cafe / Hot Spot to Access Internet. Thus your Lap top become truly mobile. BSNL provides USB Type Data Card and Express/PCMCIA Cards.

You have to Plug in 3G Data Card into your laptop and can get the fastest available connection, with mobile broadband speeds of up to 1.8 Mbps. Its neat, compact design makes it easy to use; you can easily swap it between laptops for use at work, home or on the move. Laptops have a PC Card slot (also known as a PCMCIA slot), or an Express Card slot. There is PCMCIA to Express Card Converter For using 3G broadband ,you need 3G Data card ,network SIM card, software, user guide.


  1. i have BSNL 3G USB DATA CARD.From last friday,the received speed is fluctuating between 0-3kbps .So i am unable to have acces to net.please help to deal with problem

  2. what the hell ..i have converted frm 2g to 3g with thought i can use data card for internet n customer care says i can use only rc 98 n 274 giving so slow internet . then what is the use if no card available ,i converted with intention 2 do internet,. plz help if someone know in this regard n send 2 [email protected]

  3. i wan to call a phone with the BSNL 3g datacard through the internet ,in which soft ware i can fullfill my wish…..please send me a message include this information.

  4. sir,i am raju from asansol,i have nokia 5230 with bsnl 2G connection it work some places as 3G,does it works video calling and live tv at that places,plz reply

  5. hi guys,i just wnted to know if bsnl 3g sim can work every places like village?suppose if i
    have a bsnl 2g sim and it has full signal,will i get 3G at that spot?thanks,any one can answer
    me to my mail “[email protected]” thanks..

  6. I have bought BSNL 3g on 27.10.2010. But there is no use.. Signle getting disconnected automatically once I press on the connect button and getting red light. I have tried minimum 20 to 30 time. But no use. I am staying in kurubarhalli, JC Nagar, Bangalore -86. Can u pls revert on this.

  7. Hi I have samsung wave that is 3g mobile phone.I have also bsnl 3g card.I am using internet by connecting my mobile to laptop and its working very good.But My question is can we activate data plans on bsnl 3g card for mobile phone only.because without any plan it is too costly to use.I want to activate the rs 999 plan for 10 gb for 1 it possible or not?I talk to custemer care also for this topic but 5 out of 10 custemercare representative say yes it is possible on mobile and othe 5 said that no u have to buy the modem compulsary to activate any of data plan.If Anyone know about this plz reply me on my email id [email protected].

  8. Still BSNL 3G service is not supported properly in Chennai itself. Can I ask it will take how long to be launched in Kalpakkam.One of Your customers…

  9. respected sir,

    i have nokia N 63.
    i got a message to activate bsnl 3g.
    i have activated it.
    can u please tell me how to use it efficiently.

  10. Dear Sir
    I have bsnl 3 g data card (ZTE MF628) how can i watch live tv on my desktop
    thank you

  11. Sorry Guys. Literally BSNL does not have the capability to substantiate its commitments (dont know technically but still this was not proved atleast from my end). I had tested its roaming capabilities in Chennai, Pondicherry and Salem and all the way its really 3G service pathetic except Chennai (where also not so great and it didnt measure upto its EVDO roaming capabilities).

    This is cry from a technically affected person who lost atleast 100000 USD believing on BSNL. I am again terribly sorry for being against my country and the would-be largest telecom network but frustration kills me to write this message around.

    Sorry guys if I have affected anyone’s sentiment about the country (though being a long time internet user and not commented on any blog or issue). This will be my last post on this issue also and bureaucrats or any great diplomats can be happy about that no more discussion will be raised by this poor Indian in this issue.

    Bye Bye guys and ENJOY THE BSNL KILL.

  12. If i want to get this Service for ex.2 months it’s allowed to get with particular time period?

  13. i am having sony ericsson t700 mobile and i am using docomo sim card please say me how to make a video call? pls answer me quick

    • hi,
      if u have videocalling facility dan,
      just type no. u want to call and than press option.
      u c voice call … videocall …
      press video call nd its done
      (u must need BSNl)

    • yes friend till now docomo has not launched 3g network so it is not possible for you
      currently BSN Lis available and AIRCEL will be available within next month

  14. Actually BSNL is cheating the customers by telling that they have 3G coverage. They have coverage in very few areas in Chennai and there too the signal strenght is poor. The main requirement of voice communication is at its worst. Always voice breaks/gets disconencted/becomes oneway voice in about 80% of the cases.
    I visited BSNL office and wanted to meet their DGM to make a complaint. No one was responding and after waiting for an hiour I have to return. They discourage complainants.
    BSNL does not have any intention to maintain quality and may be influenced by private operators to maintain poor quality.
    TT Raja

  15. I bought a new 3G sim today. I want to use 3G services on my HTC HD2 handset as well aswith my PC. Pls provide some useful tariff/plan.

  16. dear sir i have purchased sony ericsson j105 naite model 3g service enabled but it will not working to make video calls any one help me to make video call

    • now u can do go to the telephone exchange give me the number to make video calls complaint then next u do the call

  17. I bought a 3G sim card from chennai and i am staying in Adyar. I have to go to the terrace to catch the 3G signal. Else it would go back to the 2G signal.

    I dont think that BSNL has deployed 3G sigal around anywhere(even in metros) perfectly.

    Before buying the 3G datacard please do check the 3G signal availability in your area.

    EDGE (2.5G), UMTS (3G), HSDPA (3.5G), HSUPA (3.75G)

    So you can check the device and the offered service with the above specifications

  18. I have nokia 3120 classic 3G mobile, I have MTNL 3G connection, can I able to video call with same network 2G connection. Pl’s tell me how can make video call in 2G network. Pl’s tell me how can configre with skypee.

    Thanks & regards
    Sachin Jain

  19. I would like to use NOKIA 3120 classic for availaing 3G connectivity. I would like to access skype through internet. Is it possible to get internet and skype with this connection. Also kindly let us know whether NOKIA 3120 classic instrument can accommodate the 3G features.

  20. I would like to use NOKIA 3500 classic for availaing 3G connectivity. I would like to access skype through internet. Is it possible to get internet and skype with this connection. Also kindly let us know whether NOKIA 3500 classic instrument can accommodate the 3G features.

    • Now I using NOKIA 3500 classic and Iwish to get 3G connectivity. I would like to access internet through this sim. Is it possible to get internet and skype with this connection. Also kindly let us know whether NOKIA 3500 classic instrument can accommodate the 3G features

  21. I bought 3G sim card in coimbatore, and it is working only in Gandhipuram. I guess BSNL has equipped 3G in only one tower in the entire coimbatore district. I hope by the end of 2010, 3G services will be available in the other important areas in coimbatore. When i bought the sim card, the BSNL franchise misguided me that, it will work everywhere in coimbatore city. And before buying i asked the BSNL customer care, and they told me that BSNL 3G is enabled for 30Kms from the city (Gandhipuram). To my shock, i been checking it all around coimbatore after buying, it is working only in Gandhipuram. And now when i called the customer care people, they told me to wait for some month before 3G is available in other areas. I would like request BSNL authorities to look into the problems, and make sure the franchises dont give false promises.

    As for as i have checked, it is working in Gandhipuram till Sivanandha colony. And the signal goes off in saibaba colony. And it works till railway station, and in ukkadam it comes back to 2G. I stay in Kovai pudur and there is absolutely no tower. And there is no 3G signal in anywhere in mettupalayam road.

  22. i have two 2 nokia 5800 and 9444278978 is my number i got migrated from 2g to 3g and i also purchaged one 3g card with no 9445518401 both are now working with internet access ,but i can not estabilish the video call
    explain what went wrong

  23. guys BSNL has launched Mobile TV 50 channels on WAP, pls visit bsnllive WAP site using the APN BSNLlive APN you would find HelloTV icon there…no application installation no subscription issues, works like a breeze…its live in North and East Zones
    also you can get APN on you phone by sending sending space of your handset to 58355 by SMS e.g. space to 58355. After you send the SMS you will in response get several settings on your handset viz. ‘bsnl live’, ‘bsnl stream’, ‘bsnl mobility’ etc.

  24. BSNL 3G Video call mya be good. Onlythe voice call quality is bad and BSNL does not wnat to improve it.
    I know many corporate cutsmers with many mobile connectetions switched to Vodafone and others recntly.
    BSNL officers do not accept existence of such problem.
    But slwoly the customer base is geting eroded.
    Wiill BSNL wake up to the problem bad voice quality??????
    T T Raja

  25. BSNL 3G Data Plans

    BSNL 3G DATA Plans : Prepaid Plans

    MBV 250 : Rs. 250
    Free data usage in GB : 0.30
    Validity (Days) : 30
    Data Charges in Rs./MB : 2.00

    MBV 400: Rs. 400
    Free data usage in GB : 1.00
    Validity (Days) : 30
    Data Charges in Rs./MB : 2.00

    MBV 650 : Rs. 400
    Free data usage in GB : 1.00
    Validity (Days) : 30
    Data Charges in Rs./MB : 2.00

    MBV 400 : Rs. 650
    Free data usage in GB : 2.00
    Validity (Days) : 30
    Data Charges in Rs./MB : 2.00

    MBV 1000 : Rs. 1000
    Free data usage in GB : 5.00
    Validity (Days) : 30
    Data Charges in Rs./MB : 2.00

    MBV 3000: Rs. 3001
    Free data usage in GB : Unlimited
    Validity (Days) : 30

    Data Top Ups
    Rs 120 : 100 MB
    Rs 225 : 300 MB
    Rs 260 : 500 MB
    Rs 330 : 1GB

    BSNL 3G Postpaid Data Plans

    MB 250
    Fixed Monthly Charges (Rs) : 250
    Free data usage per month in GB : 0.3
    Data Charges beyond free limit (Rs./MB) : 2.00

    MB 400
    Fixed Monthly Charges (Rs) : 400
    Free data usage per month in GB : 1
    Data Charges beyond free limit (Rs./MB) : 2.00

    MB 650
    Fixed Monthly Charges (Rs) : 650
    Free data usage per month in GB : 2
    Data Charges beyond free limit (Rs./MB) : 2.00

    MB 1000
    Fixed Monthly Charges (Rs) : 1000
    Free data usage per month in GB : 5
    Data Charges beyond free limit (Rs./MB) : 2.00

    MB 3000
    Fixed Monthly Charges (Rs) : 3000
    Free data usage per month in GB : Unlimited
    Data Charges beyond free limit (Rs./MB) : 2.00

  26. Hai Arun nammude towerukalk capacity power kuravanu ethrayo alukal use
    cheyyunnathu karanam towerinte carriying capacity kurayunnu,it will clear&agree b s n l services

  27. Hello B S N L Viewers.A good news b s n l 3G system avaiable in Malappuram[kerala].Last in jan.Found in 3G handsets,and 30p on video calling charge, not include call charge
    Thnk u

  28. BSNL has officially launched 3G in Kerala.

    BSNL EVDO shares the bandwidth, and it can never go upto 2.4 Mbps, unless you are the only one user under the tower! I get average of 800 Kbps. The maximum has touched 1.3Mbps only. The performance has degraded here in Technopark area, after many people have gone for EVDO and BSNL has not upgraded their system.

    Upload speed is very slow, compared to even the CDMA technology.

  29. im frm kerala(frm a place where 3g is not yet available) and im using this bsnl EVDO….they told that u’ll get 2.4mbps download speed…but im not getting even 1% of it…. i wud like to knw if this evdo supports 3g or not ????plzzz reply fast….

  30. BSNL 3G is cheaper than 2G.
    If you are an existing BSNL postpaid customer, you can get 3% by paying an additional 50 rupees per month. You can retain all tariff rates as now for voice calls.
    If you are a new customer, there are lot of convenient prepaid options starting from Rs.120 per month. Call rate is only 30 ps per minute to all places in India.

  31. i am an engineering student i want a bsnl data card
    so, from where should i buy it?
    what is the cost of data card?
    & what are the monthly plans available for data card?

  32. I have BSNL 3G connection but yet to get a 3G handset.
    The voice quality is as bad as it was with 2G in Chennai, suburbs and Tamilnadu. We can never complete any all as the voice disapperas suddenly. BSNL does not care to attend this perennial problem for the past few years. Now with the number portability, we can expect an exodus from BSNL mobile services to other service providers. I think Airtell/Vodafone are prepared for meet the sudden boom in number of subsribers. Good luck to them.

  33. What is tariff of BSNL 3G datacard and what is the price of 3G datacard also tellme about data transfare rate

  34. i have idea netsetter data card..can i use bsnl 3g sim into that netsetter data card?
    or should i buy bsnl data card 4 suing 3g bsnl service to my computer & what will be the cost of that netsetter?

  35. I m from osmaniya university , I want to know that, 3G plug n play device for internet will work on desktop or not,what’s price, i want to buy this. plz let me no

  36. Can any one explain in simple terms followings:

    1. What additional service / feature 3G provides over 2G service?
    2. What is the cost comparison between 2G & 3G for followings:

    a. Local Call – Same Network
    b. Local Call – Other Network
    c. Local Call – Land Line

    d. STD Call – Same Network
    e. STD Call – Other Network
    f. STD Call – Land Line

    g. Roaming – Same Network
    h. Roaming – Other Network
    i. Roaming – Land Line

    j. SMS – Same Network
    k. SMS – Other Network

    What shall be the charges for Post Paid 3 G Services?


  37. i have idea netsetter data card..can i use bsnl 3g sim into that netsetter data card?
    or should i buy bsnl data card 4 suing 3g bsnl service to my computer?

    in kerala did launch 3g service?

    3g service have any roaming charges..if we bringing to another state..?

    plsssss help me…………plssssssssssss ma email id [email protected]

  38. HSDPA, WCDMA, UMTS – 3G USB MODEM PRICE Rs . 4200 /-
    it is unlocked so that any operator sim can also be used.

    SMS 3G TO 94717-94717

  39. I want to details of 3G connection . M i access 3G internet by laptop? plz send me the procedure for taking the connection and charges. Thank u.

  40. 3G mobile in nokia starts from Rs 8000 and samsang – 6800
    which will give u HSDPA, UMTS, VIDEO CALL ETC..
    0657-2960016 OR SMS 3G 94717-94717


    CALL US AT 09430350350 OR SMS 3G TO 94717-94717

  42. BSNL 3G is not a mobile phone, it is a SIM like other 2G service provider. You can buy the SIM from BSNL office which will cost around Rs. 300. Then you need to have a mobile handset which supports 3G, the best idea to find a mobile that whether it supports 3G or not is to see if the handset has 2 cameras, one in front and one at back. Use the handset with the 3G sim and you can get all the facilities of 3G.

  43. I m from jamshedpur, I want to know that, 3G plug n play device for internet will work on desktop or not,what’s price, i want to buy this.

  44. Even thought MTNL and BSNL has got the 3G operating license many months back, they are still trying to implement and market it. It seems MTNL itself lacks the capability to run the 3G services by itself. Now MTNL has sought a EoI inviting other companies to run the 3G service for MTNL in Delhi and Mumbai.

    The other private telecom operators such as Tata and Reliance are still waiting for the government to decide on the spectrum and licensing fees and auction it, the process is still getting delayed.

    MTNL has taken to the franchise route to sell its 3G services in Delhi and Mumbai and has floated a global Expression of Interest (EoI) for 3G Services Franchisee. MTNL has sought proposals for providing end-to-end services to 3G customers by Indian, global, subsidiary or JV companies as a 3G franchisee of MTNL in Delhi and Mumbai on exclusive revenue sharing basis through this EoI. This EoI is intended to seek proposals from prospective participants who have resources and infrastructure to acquire, serve and retain customers and provide customer care. The franchisees are also to set up their own payment collection system mechanism, create sales and distribution network to promote MTNL brand or create their own branding and marketing of 3G services and products. They are also to advise and package different tariff plans, Value Added Services and content services for 3G.

  45. I am not only waiting for it with thousand eyes but also for a fairer price. Until then GPRS should do.

    Indians are very tough customers and are not going to pay ridiculous price even for 3G.

    Also until Airtel and Vodafone introduces 3G, 3G will not penetrate into mass market. I expect them to offer superior service to BSNL and at at competitive price. BSNL lacks that brand image 🙂

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