BSNL 3G in Goa from January 2010

BSNL has scheduled a roll-out of its 3G services in Goa within a month’s time. All urban and semi-urban areas in Goa will be covered initially, new sites will be added later.

3G is the next generation of wireless network technology that provides high speed bandwidth (high data transfer rates) to handheld devices. The high data transfer rates will allow 3G networks to offer multimedia services combining voice and data. The minimum internet speed offered through 3G will be 2 mbps, while the maximum speed will touch 14 mbps. You will need a 3G enabled handset to avail 3G services.


Existing BSNL Mobile subscribers need to purchase a USIM (Universal Subscriber Identification Module) card at Rs 59 to use the BSNL 3G service. A USIM card has a higher memory, while existing SIM cards have some constraints. Interested BSNL users will have to apply for migration from 2G to 3G. They will be able to retain their existing phone numbers with no additional charges for the migration, except for the purchase of the USIM. Customers of private telecom operators will have to apply for a new 3G connection.

With 3G service, you will be able to transfer both voice data—a telephone call—and nonvoice data, such as downloading information, exchanging e-mails, and instant messaging all simultaneously. Not to forget video calls, where you will be able to view the person you talk to on your cell phone. [via TOI]

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