BSNL 3G Prepaid Plans – Data Plans, Tariff and Offers

Activation of Data Plans: SIM and Activation charges as applicable to 3G Prepaid voice plan will be applicable for 3G prepaid data services as well. In place of existing FRC 120 for activation of 3G data plan, the following  new FRC for activation of data plan are introduced.

Particulars FRC 51
MRP of FRC (Incl. of S.Tax) Rs.51
Free usage value in Rs. Nil
Validity 180 days
Free Data usage 1 GB per Month for 2 months
Availability Through C-Topup
Applicability Any data plan with sale of BSNL data card or any of the BSNL bundled data card
Base Voice Tariff plan As per prepaid General 120 plan
  • In case of postpaid connections, the customer will be allowed 1GB/Month for two months or 500MB/Month for 3 months from the date of activation depending upon the data card purchased by customer.
  • The customer buying data card from open market will have to use FRC 120 for activation of data plan and use any of the data RCV for usage.
  • The above free data usage will be allowed at the time of activation only.

3G Prepaid Data Plans

Data RCV in Rs. Day/Any time usage in GB Night * usage in GB Total bundled free Usage in GB Validity (days)** Data Charges in Rs./10KB*** (except APN ‘bsnlstream’) Data Charges in Rs./MB***(For APN bsnlstream)
275 0.50 0.50 30 0.01 0.25
440 1 1 30 0.01 0.25
606 1 5 6 30 0.01 0.25
716 2 2 30 0.01 0.25
1102 10 10 30 0.01 0.25
1499 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 30

* Night usage is from 11.00 PM to 07.00 AM
** This will increase the validity of main and dedicated accounts both.
*** Data charges beyond free usage shall be deducted from the available balance in his main account. Free data usage is available both from home LSA and while roaming.

Short term validity data recharge vouchers for 3G prepaid services

MRP of RCV in Rs. Service Tax in Rs. Cost of RCV in Rs. Free data usage in MB Validity in days
10 0.93 9.07 20 1
25 2.33 22.67 50 3
50 4.67 45.33 100 7

Note: In case of STVs/Data RCVs, the circle can suitably adjust the MRP in the price band up to Rs.3 (+/-) of price mentioned in the website, considering the technical feasibility.

3G Data Top-up Voucher

Type of Voucher MRP (Incl. of S. Tax) Free Usage in MB Validity
3G Data Top-up Rs.197 500 MB Nil

FMC/RCV for 3G Combo Data plan

RCV Amount in Rs. (Incl. of S. Tax) (Prepaid) Free 3G Data Usage in MB Total (Local+ National) Min Total SMS Local Video call in Min
331 300 300 300 30
551 500 1000 500 50
1103 1024 2000 1000 100
2206 3072 5000 2000 200
  • The MRP of Data RCV is inclusive of Service Tax @10.30%. Circles can suitably adjust the MRP in the price band upto Rs.3 (+/-) of above price considering the technical feasibility.
  • The validity in case of 3G prepaid RCV is 30 days. The RCV will increase both main account and dedicated account validity.
  • The free minutes voice/video calls, SMSs and data usage offered with plan are to be consumed within the validity period. No carry forward of unutilized freebies are allowed.
  • Free data usage is available while national roaming also. However, free voice/video calls & SMSs are available from home LSA only.
  • Other charges and usage beyond free limits will be as per normal call charges i.e. base voice plan under 3G service.
  • In case of data plan the customers not purchasing data card from BSNL has to activate through FRC 120.
  • The tariff mentioned above is subject to technical feasibility of concerned IN.

Promotional 3G unlimited data plans

Sl. No. Amount in Rs. (Incl. of S. Tax @ 10.3%) Validity
a) Rs.2000 60 Days
b) Rs.2500 90 Days
c) Rs.4200 180 Days

The amount mentioned above will be charged through RCVs.

iii) This offer will remain open for a promotional period of 90 days from 01.11.2010.
Trial Pack (Inclusive of Service Tax)

1 MRP of Trial pack in Rs. (Incl. of S. Tax) Rs.121
2 Free usage in MB 300 MB
3 Validity in days* 15 days

Data charges for trial pack customers after use of 125MB / 300MB or 15 days expiry shall be as per his base plan.

*This will increase the validity of Main and dedicated accounts both.

(B) Prepaid Plan – As per prepaid General 120 plan

Sale price of USB and PCMCIA type HSDPA data cards

Sl. No Name of the Vendor (Type) Make/ Model Data Speed Frequency Band MRP (Maharastra& M.P.) MRP (Other Circles)
1 M/s. TERACOM LTD (USB Type) Linktop / LW272 3.6 MBPS Single Band 2200 2000
2 Linktop / LW273 7.2 MBPS Tri Band 2600 2500
3 M/s. Capitel Wireless Pvt. Ltd (PCMCIA Type) Option / GTMAX having Qualcom chipset 7200 Globe Trotter HSUPA 3.6 MBPS Single Band 4000 4000
4 7.2 MBPS Tri Band 4500 4500

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