BSNL “SAMADHAAN” Special Relief Scheme Option I for Broadband Customers

BSNL has decided to introduce onetime Special Relief Scheme “SAMADHAAN” with the options as indicated below as a goodwill gesture as one time relief to Broadband customers:

Option – I (Applicable to all customers – Home & Business)

A customer against whom one or more such alleged excessive bill/s is/are outstanding may under this option settle his bill/s to the extent of maximum three bills of three consecutive billing cycles as follows :

  1. Pay Rs. 750/- for excess usage (beyond the admissible limit as per plan) for first 5 GB per Bill and the remaining excess usage (if any) beyond 5 GB @ Rs. 100/- per GB or part thereof per bill. This settlement shall be applicable individually against each disputed bill.
  2. The relief mentioned at (i) above under this option can be availed of up to a maximum of three consecutive bills only i.e., the latest disputed bills and two immediately preceding bills, in case these two preceding bills too are disputed and unpaid.
  3. [advt]Head of the SSA may, however, on the merits of each case allow settlement of such disputed bills for six consecutive billing cycles i.e., the latest disputed bill and preceding five bills, if disputed and unpaid.
  4. The above mentioned relief shall be allowed to the customer, if the customer (Home & Business) simultaneously chooses a BB Plan at least Start up 250 or any other higher Plan (in terms of FMC). A Home user can choose only Home Plan and the Business user has to choose a suitable Business/General Plan. Both the category of customers have to commit to remain in the BB Plan so chosen for a period of twelve months after the aforesaid settlement, by payment of ten months FMC as Annual Payment in advance .[source]

Other terms and condition:

 i. The scheme is valid up to 31st March’2012.

 ii. A customer can avail any of the options in the above mentioned scheme only once in lifetime on a particular connection.

 iii. Plan chosen under relief scheme shall be applicable only for all the disputed bills and the future committed period. No past undisputed bill shall be settled through this scheme.

 iv. Any hitherto regretted case & disconnected for non-payment, which could have been settled on the basis of options of this concession scheme may also be considered for settlement under the scheme, if the customer makes an appeal.

 v. In case a customer is already disconnected and wants to avail any of the options of the above scheme, he shall not be charged any reconnection/installation fee and Fixed monthly charges for the intervening period i.e., from the date of disconnection of BB connection up to the date of reconnection.

 vi. Disconnected BB connections under the scheme shall be reconnected on customer’s request after receipt of payment through different settlement options indicated above and clearance of outstanding bills against related landline connection.

 vii. The bills relating to landline connection, outstanding if any shall be paid by the customer as required under existing instructions for restoration of disconnected b-fone connections.

viii. The customer should be asked to give his Cell Phone number on which usage alerts can be sent in future.

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