– Online Content Management and File Storage is an online content management and file storage business. The company has adopted a freemium business model, and provides 5GB of free storage for personal accounts. A mobile version of the service is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and WebOS devices. is similar to Dropbox, Sharepoint, Sugarsync, and Documentum. It is not a free service.

Content management

Box is a simple, scalable and affordable solution to manage documents, media and all your content online. Share files as a link. Sync files on the desktop.

It’s file sharing, reinvented.

  • Manage content intuitively. Organize and view files in a familiar folder structure.
  • Share large files securely. Share files and folders with web links.
  • Sync files on your desktop. Sync files to Box. Access Box files on your desktop

Mobile access

You can access, share and collaborate on files anywhere through our award-winning mobile apps. Share folders in a tap, exchange feedback or save files for offline access.

  • Box for iPhone and iPad. View and share files, exchange comments and save files.
  • Box for Android. View and share files, upload files and use built-in search.
  • Box in popular mobile apps. Access and save files to Box in leading mobile apps

Online workspaces

You can turn any folder into a workspace you can share with colleagues or outside clients. Exchange documents online. Track changes with version history.

Assign basic tasks.

  • Invite others to view, edit and more. Turn folders into shared workspaces.
  • Post comments and track file versions.Exchange feedback around each version of a file.
  • Assign and manage tasks. Set tasks to approve, review or update files.


Administrative controls

Box makes it easy to add and manage users through a centralized admin console. Set access permissions and passwords.

Get SSL file encryption.

  • User management console. Add users, create groups and apply company branding.
  • Access permissions and reporting. Set access permissions. Create reports on user activity.
  • 256-bit SSL file encryption. Encryption for file transfers. Server-level available.

Integrate with business software

Box lets you seamlessly integrate and access content in other leading business applications like Google Apps, Salesforce, NetSuite, Microsoft SharePoint, and others.

  • Google Apps. Create Google Docs in Box, share in Gmail and more.
  • CRMs – Salesforce and NetSuite. Access product sheets, demos and more in your CRM.
  • APIs for custom integrations. Integrate Box content in custom apps with our open APIs

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