Buxfer – Personal Finance Management Solution on Web

Buxfer is the next-generation personal finance solution, and taking money management to the web. It lets you monitor all your bank and credit card accounts at one single place. Transactions are automatically downloaded every night and categorized. Its spending reports let you dig into your past spending, drill down into different categories and analyze spending trends. To plan future spending, you can create budgets, bill reminders and forecast your monthly cashflow.

Buxfer integrates with your mobile device, letting you check account balances or add cash expenses while you are on the go. As an added bonus, users can log on to Buxfer using their Google, Yahoo, Facebook, AIM or Open ID logins to eliminate the account creation hassle. It has auto tagging which places your bills in the correct category. It is something of a Quicken for a younger generation, especially after it launched its Facebook application.

You can choose from five different headers:  Summary, Add Transaction, Reports, Budgets, and More.  The Summary tab is a basic summary of all your accounts where you can view your net balance, recent expenses and budgets.  A short, detailed list of most recent expenses are laid out on the bottom of the page and a listing of your accounts, tags (for tagging transactions), contacts and groups are listed on the side.  By clicking on any of the first three headings in the summary section, you can view charts and get more detailed account information regarding expenses and budgets.

[advt]Buxfer lets you track and tag your expenses with friends and groups. You can either add you payments to Buxfer manually or import a payment statement from your bank, Quicken, or Microsoft Money. Having your payments on Buxfer lets you manage your balances with friends and analyze your expenses over time through pie charts and graphs. Buxfer has a Facebook, mobile, and iPhone application.

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