Bollywood Stars Reply To The Tweets Of Their Twitter Followers

Any Idea why teenagers and students are flocking to Twitter lately? No, they aren’t after social media presence. Not even for social networking and getting new friends, they would rather use Facebook for it. The credit goes to the celebrities on Twitter! The presence of Bollywood Stars attracts the Indian students and hero-worshipping teenagers who enter the Twitter world just to read what the Bollywood stars tweet!

The students and teenagers not only follow the stars and read their tweets, they plunge into the water of adventure and tweet the stars requesting them to be their friends. This teenager from Dehradun, @im_Destiny is new to Twitter and perhaps his motive to join Twitter is only to communicate with the stars! Till now he has tweeted about 40 odd tweets most of which are to the stars. One of his tweets, which he has specially messaged to Shahrukh Khan reads, “hello.. sir! its odd asking as i’m ur childs age.. but.. will u be my friend…??

He has also tweeted to Abhishek Bachchan, Vivek Oberoi, Salman Khan, and many others from the Bollywood. This teenager would have definitely jumped off his chair with happiness as Vivek Oberoi welcomed him on Twitter through his tweet! “hey! Welcome to twitter!!!:)”, Oberoi tweeted!

[advt]Another such star fan is princes_emily who asked almost every Bollywood star to wish her best friend on her birthday. She tweeted, “its my best-friend Neha’s birthday today, can you please please please wish her!” However, most of the stars did not pay any heed to her request but she was lucky enough to receive reply from Amitabh Bachchan and Ayesha Takia who wished the girl’s friend Neha on her birthday!

There are many such star fans on the Twitter globe who take all their pains to keep in touch with their favorite stars. And it is equally notable that stars too try their best to send replies to their fans. After all this is how they can think of getting large number of Twitter followers! And who won’t like to have a large number of Twitter followers, it makes you feel important, most loved and of course most popular!

Thanking his increasing number of Twitter followers, Amitabh Bachchan tweeted a few days back, “Hey!! Just noticed.. almost reaching 600,000 followers! Goodness that a lot of people.. Thank you!! And thank you for the greets”

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