Blu – Twitter Desktop Client for Windows Vista or Win7

Blu is new look for twitter in Windows Vista or Win7, it is a Twitter desktop client. Now you can experience social media in a whole new way. With blu you can view unlimited tweets. Just keep scrolling and more tweets will be loaded and displayed automatically.

Download Blu 


  • New tweets and inline replies: Click the update icon from the bottom menu and a new text entry field will appear. Tweets can only be a fixed number of characters per message. blu displays how many characters you have left using large numbers behind your tweet so you know when you’re about to run out of space. And replying to a tweet couldn’t be easier: just click the reply icon and the tweet you’re replying to will flip, revealing a entry field. Direct messages and re-tweets work the same way.
  • [advt]See the full conversation: You get a tweet, but it’s a reply to something you said earlier and you can’t quite remember what it was you said. Usually, there isn’t a good way to see the first part of your conversation, but with blu, simply click on the arrow before the username and voila. Your tweet will flip in-place revealing the first part of your conversation.
  • Tiny url integration: It added tiny url support. Simply type or paste a link into the update bubble and blu will convert it for you. No extra buttons, no extra box. Want to expand your link? Just click the ‘plus’ icon and bluwill roll-back to the full url.
  • Choose your favorites: It knows you follow a lot of people, but perhaps you follow some individuals a little more enthusiastically than others.  Once you’ve defined your favorite tweeters with ‘Faves’, you’ll be notified whenever your favorite people tweet.

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