DudaMobile – Mobile Website Creating Platform

DudaMobile is a mobile website creation platform that makes it easy to turn existing websites into mobile optimized sites. It converts and optimizes websites for mobile devices. It is the combination of ease of use in optimizing websites for mobile, dynamic syncing of content between a standard website and a mobile site, and scalability of the platform.

This conversion process takes place instantly, and the mobile site becomes immediately synced with the main site. Plus, lots of mobile-friendly widgets are provided – a click-to-call widget, a maps and directions widget, and a SMS widget. And users who know some CSS and HTML can proceed to further customize the sites on their own.  It works on all smartphones, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone all these mobile platforms are supported to the same extent.

The Duda mobile website hosting platform includes a variety of mobile features and enhancements designed specifically for small businesses including

  • One-click conversion to mobile,
  • Auto-syncing between a standard site and mobile site,
  • [advt]Compatibility with all major smartphones,
  • Professional mobile site templates,
  • Maps & directions,
  • Mobile site analytics

Duda platform is well tailored for professionals and small businesses, whose customers are increasingly mobile and seeking business information from their phones. It offers mobile features geared toward small businesses including one-click site conversion, auto sync between the regular site and mobile site.

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