BINFIRE Free Online Project Management Software

Binfire is a free online project management software. Binfire’s collaboration tools are dedicated to create multiple communication, sharing and interactivity opportunities between users to enhance productivity.  It’s a fairly full-featured project management tool. You can maintain multiple projects, each with their own milestones and tasks.

Milestones can have any number of subtasks, as well as tags, which make them easier to search, and everything can have a status message.They have some exclusive features to keep all the members of a project connected with each other all the time. The members can discuss their plans and details on interactive whiteboard, manage projects right from your PC and share your working progress with others to always keep them updated with the latest status of your work and all these can be done with the help of this free online project management app.

Features of Binfire

  • Interactive Real-Time Whiteboard
  • Collaborative PDF Markup
  • Group Chat
  • Event Notification
  • Document Sharing

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