Beluga Helps Groups of Friends to Stay in Touch

Beluga helps groups of friends stay in touch. Use it to plan a night out or just share updates and photos. It’s completely free. It offers a fun and simple mobile app and web service that enable instant and rich group messaging from your phone.

With Beluga, you can quickly create private groups (pods) to stay in touch with your friends, coordinate plans, and share your life. Beluga lets you send and receive instant updates, location info and photos, all via push notification, with NO TXT messaging fees. When everyone is on the run, use Beluga to stay in sync.

Download Beluga for Android phone

Download Beluga for iPhone


  •  Pods are completely private — no over sharing.
  •  Send as many messages as you want — no text messaging fees.
  •  Full multiway communication — everyone in a pod sees every update.
  •  Realtime alerts using Apple push notifications
  •  Control alert settings for each individual pod
  • [advt] Share photos and location with your pods
  •  Invite anyone in your contacts list with an email or mobile phone
  •  Add a member to a pod at any time to instantly loop them in to the conversation
  •  Access your pods from anywhere on any device with a web browser.
  •  Supports any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running iOS 3.1 or later

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