BeFunky Online Photo Editing – Web Based Photo Effects and Editing Tools

BeFunky.comBeFunky is an online photo editing tool which provides you to edit your photo and converts it into an artwork. It is free that means no registration and no downloads required. With BeFunky you can apply photo effects, enhance, edit pictures and photos online, cartoon, sketch, painting, pop art and more…

With BeFunky you can do amazing things with your photos and upload your photos from your computer, online location, or any Social network such as Facebook, Flickr, hi5, Friendster, Myspace or bebo.

BeFunky can lets easily convert your photos into cartoonic artwork, cuts your face part from any photo you upload and converts into a cartoonic image and join it with a body of which you can customize the dress, background, and use it anywhere on web and send it to friends.[advt]

There are many other effects as well that you can try that includes charcoal effects, line artopia, stencilar, inkify effect, patriotic, worholizer and many more this will allows you to easily create photographically rich and artistic results from your digital images without the need for any technical knowledge.


We had a little play around with the tool with just free access alone and were pleasantly surprised with the results. Images of friends and family were easily changed into cartoon characters reflecting a personality rather then a person.

You can upload a photo and add all kinds of neat effects quickly and easily and then you can save the image back to your computer.

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