Beepl – Social Site for Questioning and Answering

Beepl is a social site where you can ask questions, and have them answered by people who really know their stuff.  Beepl lets you ask questions that other users answer so that it’s easy for anybody to crowdsource knowledge and opinion. It also understands the topics that questions relate to and users’ interests, expertise and who they know so that questions automatically reach the best people to answer them.

[advt]Beepl works the other way around, as it has topics follow you. Beepl goes through your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles and using the information that it finds there it figures out what your interests are. And it automatically presents you with questions that reflect these interests.

You can ask these contacts you’ve got on LinkedIn for business advice, you can ask people who do the marketing for brands on Twitter for help. You can even ask a new Facebook contact you want to be in better terms with a question you more or less know the answer to, just to break the ice and start talking.


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