The Sims Social – Facebook Version Of ‘The Sims’ Game Launched

ea-logoThe EA Play Label of Electronic Arts announced The Sims Social, social version of the popular game The Sims, to FacebookThe Sims Social invites people to play with life in a whole new way with all of the uniquely playful and creative elements of The Sims which is and delivers an intuitive entertainment experience to the more than 500 million people on Facebook.

Launching globally on Facebook this summer in five languagesThe Sims Social allows players anytime, anywhere to create their Sim (characters unique to The Sims), build a bachelor pad or dream house, spark friendships and romances, and have exciting adventures — all with their Facebook friends.

EA has also announced the forthcoming release of a mobile companion app for The Sims Social. Created for the current generation of smart phones,The Sims Social mobile app will enable players to engage with their Sim on the move, taking care of their wants and needs while away from their computers.

The Sims Social is the culmination of a close collaboration between many talented people from The Sims and Playfish studios, leveraging over 10 years of The Sims success in creating hugely popular and engaging experiences with a deep expertise in social gaming.

[advt]The magic of The Sims Social is in the unpredictability of the Sims’ personalities. Sims are little virtual people with their own characters and ambitions — they even have friends. In The Sims Social, players will engage with every aspect of their Sim’s social lives from the intense emotion of a first kiss to the flawless execution of a hilarious prank.

Playing with the sweet side of life, The Sims Social will have players helping their neighbors, building friendships, falling in love, kissing or even making woohoo. Those who are more interested in stirring up trouble can pull pranks or sabotage friends, pee on a neighbor’s lawn, become a heartbreaker or even a womanizer. As players’ personalities come through, the Sims’ conduct is wildly diverse making The Sims Social alive like no other game.

Being on Facebook means that players can connect with their real friends inside the game to share their creations and adventures, and even misadventures, of their Sims.

Jeff Karp, Executive Vice President of Play Label said:

“Just like you and me, The Sims is now on Facebook. EA invented people simulation games with The Sims. Over the last decade, The Sims has sold in excess of 140 million units and spawned an active fan community that has grown into the millions. These fans are all enthusiastic, passionate individuals living out their dreams, adventures and fantasies, and expressing their creativity. AsThe Sims moves to Facebook, their personalities shine through more than ever. The game is alive, brimming with the humor, romance, mischief and creativity that only The Sims can provide.”

John Earner, General Manager of Playfish’s London Studio said:

“This is the first time such a meaningful entertainment property is coming to Facebook. We are proud that we have combined the best of social game design with the best of The Sims franchise. The Sims was born to be social, and we can now deliver on that. This game will set a new standard for quality and fun on the Facebook platform, and with the mobile companion app sitting alongside, The Sims fans will be able to enjoy playing with life anytime, anywhere.”

Katie Mitic, Director of Platform and Mobile Marketing, Facebook

The Sims Social is a great addition to the Facebook Platform, as it provides another fun way for people to connect with their friends through an inherently social app. What’s social offline should be social online, and The Sims Social brings some of the everyday interactions we have in the real world onto Facebook in a Sims setting.”

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