Bangalore Metro Accepts NFC Enabled SBI Debit Cum Transit card

Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRC) along with the State Bank of India officially launched “SBI Debit Cum Transit card”, which has a near field communication radio chip that can be used to tap at the check-in counters at metro stations. This is the first of its kind in the entire world, BMRC claims.

With this debit card, you can travel in Bangalore Metro without carrying cash for the metro ride. SBI will start issuing the cards starting Thursday.

The card consists of an e-purse facility to store money for travel in Namma Metro. The e-purse can be topped at the nearest ATM or through mobile banking (SBI Freedom) or internet banking apart from cash.

To avail this facility, people have to apply for this card through SBI. Later, other banks could also take such initiatives. The SBI combo card can be used by any person — a person’s friend or relative can use it.

Besides acting as a travel card, the SBI-Debit-Cum-Transit card can be used for ATM transactions, at shops and malls and also at the bank’s green channel counters.

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