– Analytics for Social Media is a leading platform for companies to harness social data created by their applications. It allows software developers to add social-media performance tracking to their websites and online applications with a level of granularity.  An application can connect social actions like Facebook updates and Twitter posts to business goals like application signups and online sales, or other business-specific performance metrics. This performance information can be delivered directly into applications or viewed in an online dashboard. Developers pay for access to these APIs as an alternative to developing similar performance tracking technology internally.

[advt]There are countless URL shortening services available on the web, and they’re probably only going to become even more popular as Twitter continues to catch on with mainstream audiences. is looking to offer publishers an alternative to these generic services, while also offering a powerful analytics engine that offers much more insight as to how their content gets distributed across the web. then tracks the links, analyzing how they’re spread and storing meta data on each. Even better, the links creates are compatible with Google Analytics, so you don’t have to learn how to navigate yet another dashboard.


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