CSVfix – Command-Line Stream Editor that Deals with CSV Data

CSVfix is an Open Source command-Line stream editor that deals with CSV data. It manages your CSV data with ease. Unfortunately, the CSV files you are given, or are required to produce, never seem to be in quite the right format for your particular business application. And because of the structure of CSV records, using standard text processing tools like sed, awk and perl on CSV files is not as simple as it might be.

Download CSVfix 


  •  Convert fixed format, multi-line and DSV files to CSV
  •  Reorder, remove, split and merge fields
  •  Convert case, trim leading & trailing spaces
  •  Search for specific content using regular expressions
  •  Filter out duplicate data or data on exclusion lists
  •  Perform sed/perl style editing
  •  Enrich with data from other sources
  •  Add sequence numbers and file source information
  •  Split large CSV files into smaller files based on field contents
  •  Perform arithmetic calculations on individual fields
  •  Validate CSV data against a collection of validation rules
  •  Convert from CSV to fixed format, XML, SQL, DSV
  •  Summarise CSV data, calculating averages, modes, frequencies etc.

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