Purrint Build – Screen Capture Tool for Windows

Purrint Build is a snipping tool that enhances the features of the standard Windows print screen utility. There are no extra screen capture types, for instance – you can’t grab scrolling windows, freehand areas of the screen or anything else: it’s just about saving either the full screen or individual application windows.

Download Purrint Build 

This does make Purrint very easy to use, though. There are no extra hotkeys to learn, for instance – all you have to do is press PrtSc or Alt+PrtSc as usual. The program then pops up a window displaying the captured image. And you can copy the image to the clipboard, print it, or save it to disc (in BMP, PNG, JPG or GIF formats) with a click.

[advt]If you’re taking a lengthy series of captures then the good news is that you can tell Purrint to choose your preferred options automatically. In which case you can keep hitting PrtSc or Alt+PrtSc and, say, have the program automatically save your captures to disc (by default it’ll create the files Purrint001.bmp, Purrint002.bmp, Purrint003.bmp and so on).

As you probably know by now, almost every keyboard in the world comes with a “print screen” key that’s supposed to let you take advantage of the print screen feature integrated into Windows. It enhances the overall functionality of this particular tool by offering users a great pack of features, such as auto-saving and auto-printing.

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