Attend Free Online Meeting in Android Device through Viewer Viewer is a free and simple screen sharing system. mobile viewer helps you to attend online meetings. With this application you can view someone’s computer screen in realtime on your android device 100% Free.[androidqrcode:  com.logmein.joinme]
Optimized for Android 2.1+, is light and fast and makes attending an online meeting anywhere, anytime as easy as touching your screen. It is fast, secure free screen sharing on your Android device.

Download Viewer for Android
All you have to do is download the app and let your partner start a meeting by going to As soon as they click the share button it wil generate a 9 digit code and whenever you put that code in your app, it will automatically show the computer screen of your partner. For example you could follow a powerpoint presentation over your mobile device, very useful if you are not able to attend that important meeting at work.


  • Mobile screen viewing
  • Chat with participants
  • Zoom
  • See who’s attending
  • Collaboration – anytime, anywhere.

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