Assign Shortcuts to the Corners of Monitor Using Hot Corners

Hot Corners is a free app launcher which enables to assign shortcuts, according to your mouse movement. Hot Corners is an easy to use, handy program launching tool for windows. Mouse Move activation feature, totally unheard of before. The Mouse Move feature allows you four more ways to launch programs or features.  Hold down the Windows key and the “X” key and move the mouse up, left, right, or down to use Mouse Move.The user interface of the application consists of a standard window in which there are two available tabs – “Hot Corners” and “Mouse Move”. User can assign a function when your mouse cursor touches the top left, top right, bottom left or bottom right corner of the screen.

Hot Corners is particularly well suited as a launcher for frequently used items, especially those that run in the background such as a notes program or an email client. Accidental launching  can be avoided by adding a “delay” in the settings, requiring your mouse to linger for a few milliseconds before the program activates. Hot Corners is a free app launcher to quickly launch your favorite applications. Well, this software is very unique in the way it explores the possibility of using the 4 corners of the desktop. As the name suggests, this software is meant for utilizing the 4 corners of the desktop in a rather creative way. You can use these 4 corners to load any of your favorite programs or open a favorite folder. This is completely different than other app launchers we have reviewed earlier.

[advt]Hot corners is especially useful when it comes to loading frequently used items. It could be anything; you can set it according to your preference. However, you might be wondering the case of accidental launching of files, folders or programs. Well, you don’t need to worry; the makers have already taken care of that. They have introduced delayed launch; you can set a delay up to 0.5 seconds and that way you can stay steer clear of this problem. The delay launching works in the way where it will not launch the item if you accidentally place the mouse over it; it will launch only if the mouse pointer remains there even after the delay time.

Free Download Hot Corners


  • Open the control panel
  • Lock/Switch User
  • Open “My Documents”
  • Run any application or open any folder
  • Start your Screensaver
  • Search Google
  • Show your desktop
  • Put your computer into standby mode
  • Disable/Enable your Screensaver
  • Close the current window

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