Artemis P2P – P2P File Sharing Application for Music, Movies etc

Artemis P2P is a P2P file sharing application for music, mp3, movies, software, documents and games downloads. You may now take advantage of the software’s decentralized network to share, search for, and download about any file you want to. It offers an intuitive user interface, fast resume, disk caching, very low CPU usage, speed limits, chatting, auto port mapping, and the ability to preview files while downloading.

Download Artemis P2P

[advt]Artemis is based on Azureus P2P, optimized for Windows, customized and improved for faster downloads.  Artemis has a neat interface bound to make a first good impression right away due to its coherent structure and classy design. Regardless of your previous experience with similar software this lite app will give you satisfaction by doing its job.

Among its features you have multiple simultaneous downloads, complete, real-time download statistics with full download and seeding managing rules, a smart filter system, uploading/downloading limit control, built-in search engine, configuration and torrent creation wizards, fast-resume, disk caching, and other.

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