Download iJobo Freelance Monitoring Tool

iJobo Freelance Monitoring Tool  is a software that offers you a very objective method to see what activities your remote employees (freelancers) have done during their working hours and how their projects are progressing. It’s the platform for remote employees who are concerned about productivity and want a viewable representation of it in real-time.

You just need to have a computer/laptop and access to Internet. Everything is eyed objectively, no matter where you are. You can mark your private windows in your desktop so activity on those windows won’t be send to your manager (e.g. Microsoft Live Messenger), which allows you to have great privacy.

Download iJobo Freelance Monitoring Tool 


  • Time recording and activity.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the work.
  • [advt]Detailed and dynamic.
  • Privacy configurable.
  • Optimize the productivity of their teams.
  • Monitor the progress of their teams.

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