Ares Galaxy Free Chat-Enabled P2P File Sharing Network

Ares Galaxy is a free open source bit torrent & chat program through which users can share digital files including images/audio/video/ software/documents etc and can publish their files through its peer to peer (p2p)network. It has a simple & quick access interface.

Ares Galaxy automatically finds sources and downloads files from many users at once. This increases the speed of downloads. Ares Galaxy works behind firewalls and requires zero configuration.

[advt]Users can preview files while the download is in progress and organize a playlist made of favorites and can be viewed via an inbuilt audio/video player, which supports Shoutcast internet radio.

Users can host chat rooms and also can join other available channels, while downloading files. The shared files are organized into categories in a library section. The files can be sorted by type & category.

Users can easily change their share settings. The quick search feature locates files by typing a keyword. Ares Galaxy is a free software. Its source code is available for free, which can be downloaded, and can be modified based on user’s priorities.

Visit the link to Download Ares Galaxy.

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