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QtWeb is a web browser focused on strong privacy and a clean environment. While running, no traces are left on the host machine while browsing and none are left behind after a browser “reset” in the privacy menu. All toolbars, including navigation bar, can be turned off or docked anywhere  and even moved outside the main browsing window. Includes built-in support for Torrent downloads and ad-blocking functionality can be easily enabled.

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We analyzed most of players on browsers market (IE, Safari, Opera, Chrome…) and found common problems making them inconvenient to use for our specific tasks:

  • [advt]Large installation and installed package size – makes inconvenient to distribute them in the environment where media space is limited
  • Lack of very poor portability – most applications either unable to run as stand-alone executable (without installation), or require a lot of supporting files
  • A lot of dependencies – in all cases to run the software you require either installed ActiveX, or a lot of supporting DLLs
  • Not flexible User Interface – customization sometimes offered via Skins, however we didn’t find the way of simulating another OS styles
  • Poor privacy – in all tested cases after full browser reset and de-installation – we detected some Registry entries, or files being left in user folders

This gave us an idea of writing an alternate web browser – very compact, portable and secure, as well as changing appearance and application style on-the-fly.

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