Chatter – Free Social Network for Company / Business Collaboration Tool

Chatter is a free private social network for your company. It is a business collaboration tool designed for people who work together at the same company or organization. In order to keep your shared work and communications private for your team, this network is created based on domain name.

The best way to collaborate at work

  • [advt]Collaborate privately and securely
  • Follow people, information, and groups
  • Share files and status updates

Work more efficiently and closely with your colleagues on your own private and secure social network — Chatter. Where updates on the people, projects, and data that matter most are automatically pushed to you. It makes sharing files easier than ever.


Profiles: Get to know your colleagues and share expertise.

Status updates: Update your colleagues on what you’re doing.

Groups: Work more closely and collaborate on teams.

Feeds: Monitor everything that matters most to you in one spot.

File sharing: Find and share files with ease—finally.

Invitations: Extend Chatter to everyone in your company.

Recommendations: Find relevant people and groups to follow.

App updates: Know immediately when app data is updated.

Analytics: Get insights from your reports and dashboards.

Mobile and desktop: Stay productive and in the loop when you’re on the road.

Notifications: Keep up with Chatter even when you’re not logged in.

Security and sharing: Control who sees what and keep sensitive information private.

ChatterExchange: Build or modify apps to use Chatter and list them on the AppExchange.

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