Android is the Number One Choice for Smartphones in the US

Android is growing very fast! According to a report by Nielsen, Android is by far the number one choice for consumers buying smartphones in the US market, based on the last 6 months data. In the past six months, 40.8% of smartphone buyers opted for an Android device, compared to 26.9% who preferred an iOS smartphone, or 19.2% who opted for a BlackBerry device.

But when it comes to overall consumer market share, Android OS at 25.8% is still behind Apple iOS at 28.6%, and Blackberry is at 26.1%.

2011 will be the year for Android. More handsets and tablets based on Android is expected in the market. More apps are expected to be developed for the platform.

All three smartphone OS leaders – Apple iOS, RIM Blackberry and Android – are benefiting from strong demand for smartphones. In November, 45 percent of recent acquirers chose a smartphone over a feature phone in the US. [source]

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